TouchLucky VIP

Behold – the brand new TouchLucky VIP scheme for our most loyal players. It’s now much easier to use it and the benefits are better than ever before.

Only your total deposits count and there’s no time limit either. So, as soon as you reach a VIP tier, you’re there for good.

Talk about being lucky!

TouchLucky VIP Scheme

TouchLucky VIP comes with many personal offers and exclusive attention from our VIP agents. As long as we can contact our loyal players, we’re ready to give them boosts every day.

Casino VIP Benefits

The boosts and benefits from TouchLucky VIP scheme include only what you couldn’t get any other way:

  • Personal account manager
  • Increased deposit limits
  • Faster payouts
  • Exclusive gifts to you personally
  • VIP-only promotions and bonus offers
  • Guaranteed loyalty promotions every week

With so much available on a single casino site, you won’t want to gamble anywhere else.

Every Spin Counts

Other casinos require players to stay active and invest thousands every month to keep their VIP status. We aren’t as reckless and only count your total deposits.

From the first deposit years ago to today, every single spin you made at TouchLucky casino counts. Besides, you only need £2,000 in total deposits to reach the coveted VIP status.

So, if you’d been depositing £50 per week for 9 months, you’d already be a VIP – for life!

VIP Tiers at TouchLucky Casino

Everyone can aim for the new TouchLucky VIP. In fact, you can easily reach it even if you’re just a casual gambler. Yet the online casino treatment you’ll get in return is worthy of a true casino shark.

There are four TouchLucky VIP tiers in total. And the best part is that the very first tier has some of the best features already.

  • 1st Tier – Silver

Reach £2,000 (or an equivalent in your currency) in total deposits to become the silver VIP. You’ll get increased deposit limits, fast withdrawals and exclusive promotions and bonuses.

  • 2nd Tier – Gold

The next step is £5,000 in total deposits. The gold tier of TouchLucky VIP keeps everything you already had but increases it all even further. This means even better bonuses and Gold VIP-only promotions as well as increased limits.

  • 3rd Tier – Premiere

Get your total deposits to £10,000 for benefits that few players can enjoy. Aside from all the Gold VIP offers, you’ll get a personal account manager, special gifts and weekly bonuses on top.

  • 4th Tier – Elite

Finally, reach £20,000 in total deposits to reach the highest tier. This means even better personal gifts and weekly boosts and bonuses. Everything else listed above also applies.

Regardless of your tier, TouchLucky VIP will completely change the meaning of fun. So start depositing now!