No Bonus Casinos 2020 – Guide: Withdraw Winnings Immediately

Every so often, you may come across what we call a ‘no bonus casino’. This is essentially an online casino which doesn’t offer you any monetary incentives to sign up and deposit. Whilst, naturally, this sounds like something you’d want to avoid at all costs, it isn’t actually as terrible as you’d imagine.

In fact, a no bonus casino has many different advantages and disadvantages. This is why you shouldn’t write it off immediately. On this page, you can find out everything you need to know about no bonus casinos, including why you should consider playing at them, how they work, and where you can find them.

What is a ‘No Bonus’ Casino?

As we explained in the introduction, a no bonus casino is fundamentally a casino which doesn’t offer any sign-up bonuses or offers. However, the term also often extends further than this.

An online casino may also be considered a ‘no bonus casino’ if you’re given the choice of picking up a bonus or not. Many of the UK’s biggest casinos offer players the option to opt-out of sign up bonuses either by simply never accepting them in the first place or by contacting customer service.

Its these types of no bonus casinos that are looked at in a more favourable light. They give their players a level of autonomy and often boast many advantages over playing at regular casinos.

Why Would You Choose a No Bonus Casino?

For many people, choosing a no bonus casino can seem counterproductive. Many players love chasing casino bonuses and promotions, as they can often be very rewarding. A casino welcome bonus may allow you to multiply your first deposit, pick up free cash or free spins.

That being said, casino welcome bonuses do have their drawbacks. Often, a casino bonus is tied to a minimum deposit amount. This is usually set at around £10 or £20, depending on the size of the bonus which is up for grabs. This can often be more than many people feel comfortable with depositing, yet they do so to make sure they cash in on the offer.

Furthermore, casino welcome bonuses are often tied to wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a multiplier which represents the number of times you must play through a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. So for example, if you receive a bonus of £10 which is tied to a 20x wagering requirement, you’ll need to spend at least £200 at the casino before you can withdraw any winnings.

Basically, wagering requirements are annoying but they’re put into place by casinos to prevent fraud. Most of the time, they’re there to stop money laundering, however, some casinos do also impose high wagering requirements to ensure that they make their money back from giving you a bonus.

Avoiding being tied to wagering requirements, therefore, is why many people would choose to play at a no bonus casino. They can get started playing the games they love immediately, without having to wait to withdraw their winnings.

The Advantages of Playing at a No Deposit Casino

  • As we’ve just mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of playing at a no deposit casino is that you avoid wagering requirements. This means that you can start playing, and winning, straight away and withdraw when you want.
  • It also means that you can go after big jackpots, without having to then wager the cash all over again, and stand to potentially lose it. It also means you won’t need to deposit further money, just to clear the wagering requirements, and therefore you won’t need to spend more than you feel comfortable with.

The Disadvantages of Playing at a No Deposit Casino

  • The main disadvantage of playing at a no deposit casino is that you won’t ever get ‘more for your money’. If you choose to not receive bonuses and promotions, there’s no chance that you could win something for nothing.
  • Furthermore, at no deposit casinos, you also put yourself at a greater risk of completely losing the money you have deposited. This is because there’s no buffer of bonus cash in your casino wallet.

How to Find a No Deposit Casino

There are plenty of UK no deposit casinos around, which means that finding one isn’t difficult. You simply need to look at whether or not you can opt-out of the welcome bonus package.

To do this, you need to read the casino’s bonus policies carefully and, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the casino’s customer service agents.

The good news is that there are now more no deposit casinos than ever before and, therefore, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your wants and needs. Many no deposit casinos offer:

  • A wide range of high-quality online games such as slots, table games and live dealer rooms
  • A variety of accepted payment methods
  • Complete mobile compatibility
  • Rewarding promotions should you wish to pick up bonuses in the future

How To Stop Receiving Bonuses at Touch Lucky Casino

At Touch Lucky you can opt-out of all bonuses by contacting a customer service representative or by ticking the relevant box in your casino account. Do note, however, that should you choose to opt-out of bonuses whilst having an active bonus, you will forfeit this.