New Online Casinos 2020 – Guide: Best new UK sites and bonuses

Online gamblers are always after new online casinos. We don’t blame them. When you don’t have to travel to one in real life, there’s a whole new array of opportunities.

Unlike real-life casinos, online or mobile casinos are accessible in seconds. And there are thousands of them. So why not check out something new once in a while?

There really is no excuse to stick to a single gambling site. However, two hands wouldn’t be enough to count all the advantages of exploration.

So, that’s what we’ll do right now.

New Online and Mobile Casinos

Each new online casino launch is an event of sorts. Even if there are dozens of such sites launching every month, they always attract some attention.

True, a lot of them are mediocre and feel the same as the rest of the flock. However, some are truly unique and offer entertainment and events like no other gambling destination.

These sites come with new games, new providers and events. It can be tournaments, unique player levelling systems or trophies. All things like that can add something new to your gambling routine.

Most importantly, each casino has different bonuses and promotions. And to stand out from the crowd, operators pay a lot of attention to their bonuses. That’s why new players are given so much free play opportunities.

New online casinos promise unique gameplay experience, new games, events and bonuses, among other things.

Online Casino New Player Bonuses

The first reason that most players will tell you for joining a new casino is its welcome bonus. Also known as new player bonuses, they are given to all new accounts.

Usually, creating an account is enough to get one such bonus. Then, you can get even more bonus funds or free play opportunities by making the first deposit.

Who wouldn’t like such an easy way to earn some free rounds on real money gambling games? When you realize how much you could win from this free bonus alone, it really starts to make sense.

New Online Casino Bonus Types

There are different kinds of bonuses and promotions that new casinos offer. The bonuses that are theme-related are even more spectacular.

It could be a magical gift on a fantasy-themed casino or a bribe on a mafia-themed casino. Whatever it is, things like that add an extra flavour to the experience. Not to mention the practical use of such offers.

Speaking of the practical, there are many ways the casinos can reward new players. From classic free rounds to virtual casino currency, the possibilities are almost endless.

Exploring such possibilities is yet another reason for some players to try out new sites. Anyway, the bonus types on new sites can include:

  • Free Spins
  • No Deposit Cash Bonuses
  • Deposit Match Promotions (such as double or triple your deposit)
  • Virtual Casino Cash Drops
  • Real Cash Drops
  • Cashback Offers
  • A few bonuses in one package (usually free spins and deposit matches)

Bonuses are the main reason why players look for new casinos.

Newest Casino Games and Slots

Another advantage of playing at a few casinos and being on the lookout for more sites is software. We’re talking about the actual games you can bet on and the titles you can play.

Newest casinos often come with a bunch of new games as well. Of course, not all of them will be new in most cases. The game studios try to get their games to as many casinos as possible, after all. So they usually have covered quite a lot of ground.

However, each casino has a slightly different collection. Maybe that one new site you’re looking at will have both your favourite slots and some new releases too? That is the case most of the time.

New Slot Games

Slots are by far the most dynamic and constantly changing niche in the online gambling industry. Since they come in many varieties, new ones are developed frequently.

So, with new casinos come new slot releases. It’s usually yet another way to attract new players. For nothing looks more exciting than a new online casino with some new slots and bonuses for those new slots.

Jackpot slot fans can also try new casinos to find larger jackpots. That is, assuming the pot is different on various casinos for the same game. In that case, one might find it much more lucrative to hunt for jackpots on certain sites.

New Casino Table Games

While table games don’t come in such a variety, there is still some of it there. A new casino may have some new variants of a table game. Or maybe it simply has more different software for the same game type.

In any case, there’s always some fresh software you can discover by visiting recently launched sites. And even if you think that your casino has more table games than any other, chances are that a new one will offer even more.

If you want to find new casino games, you should start at recently launched sites.

New Online Casino Equals New Opportunities

Yet other players may find new bonus and game offers insufficient to switch to new casino sites. What they don’t know is that there’s even more than that available on brand new casinos.

Of course, you may have to search for such sites, but some offer completely unique gameplay. This might include:

  • Unique features of gameplay
  • Levelling systems or different casino levels
  • Loyalty schemes encompassing more than just bonuses
  • Unlockable content
  • Other examples of casino gamification

Gamification is the most important word here. If done well, game-like features within the casino itself can make all the difference.

It could be a story that unfolds as you gamble on slots or a lucrative tournament every day. Whatever it is, things like that truly shine through and make the usual casino gambling way more interesting.

In other words, new online casinos promise new opportunities and environments to accommodate your gambling needs. That alone can be a reason enough to spend less time at your old casino.

New and unexpected discoveries wait for you at newly launched casinos.