iPhone Casinos UK 2020 – Guide to gambling on iOS devices

Thanks to the leaps and bounds of technology, it’s now entirely possible to carry your own portable casino around in your pocket.

iPhone was the first smartphone in the world, so you can bet that they wouldn’t miss out on the online gambling revolution. In fact, they largely contributed to players being able to play for money on their phones.

It was in 2012 that the first real money casino apps appeared in the Apple store, only five years after the launch of the actual iPhone itself as the world’s first smartphone.

These casino apps are what is commonly called “iPhone casinos” – simply put, a casino that you can access via your iPhone.

Because of the shifting regulations in the international gambling scene, players are often careful about switching devices and finding out what’s available for each.

We’ve combed through some of the most frequently asked questions about iPhone casinos and compiled a list of what to expect, and how to pick the best!

Top iPhone Casino Real Money Apps

Easily the most common question people ask is whether it’s legal to play for real money at an iPhone casino.

There’s such a big variety of pay-to-win app games now. Because of this, people take for the granted the fact that if the app is available, it means it must be legal.

However, that’s not always the case. Let’s break it down.

Legal Issues

If you play at an iPhone casino, then they should be licensed and have legal permission to operate in your country.

So before asking which iPhone casino is legal in your country, check first whether there are any laws banning gambling in general.

If there are such laws in place, then any iPhone casinos you’ll find who claim to operate in your country will be frauds.

For instance, some online have gotten into trouble for continuing to operate in the US after the gambling ban in the early 2000s. Always make sure to check your chosen casino’s background.

What to Look For in a Real Money iPhone Casino

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t just download an iPhone casino app without first checking a couple of vital points.

  • Is gambling legal in your country?
  • Is the iPhone casino licensed by a credible authority?
  • Do they have good player feedback and reviews?
  • Are their terms very restrictive and/or vague?

Never let yourself get sucked in by the promises of wealth and shiny bonuses without reading their terms first.

iPhone Casino Apps: What’s on the Menu

We lose sight of how fast technology has evolved. You have an app for everything now – and iPhone casinos provide just about everything a land-based casino does.

  1. Free Apps

If you’re looking to practice before jumping into the betting pools, or if you’re just a casual player, there are plenty of free options for you. If you open the Apple store, you’ll find a myriad of free slot machine apps, free poker apps, etc.

  1. Real Money Apps: Poker, Blackjack, Slots and more!

Once you’re done practising, you can choose to stick to your favourite games by downloading the relevant apps.

We should tell you that there’s a huge and exciting mobile poker scene on iPhone. iPhone casinos often do their best to include social features too, so you can even make friends with other hobbyists.

  1. Sports Gambling Apps

Thanks to the advent of phone notifications from news sites or Twitter, we all have the possibility of being immediately up to date about tournaments or championships.

That means you can stay on top of a sports tournament and make your bets on the same device. And there are plenty of great sports gambling apps you can try out on iPhone, too.

Best iPhone Casino Apps

You’ll find lots of “Top 5” lists online in your quest to find the best iPhone app. If you don’t want to rely on any list or advertisement though, here’s what to look out in order to sniff out quality:

  • Top software providers
  • Good bonuses for new and existing players
  • Fast and responsive customer service
  • Variety of games