Android Casinos 2020 – Gambling on your Mobile Devices in UK

Touch Lucky is one of the trendiest casinos these days. In other words, it’s an Android casino. One of the gambling sites that you can play on mobile devices, specifically those powered by Android.

Some of the most popular mobile developers use Android as their operating system. So if you have a phone from any of the brands below, chances are you can play at Android casinos:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony
  • HTC
  • Google

But why should you care about Android casinos in the first place? Being one such casino ourselves, we know exactly the answer to this question. And many related questions too.

So read on if you think you could still learn something about Android gambling and sites.

Gamble on Android Mobile Devices

Android allows for a mobile gambling experience like no other software. It provides a smooth gameplay for the user and supports thousands of games.

The Android casino sites come in many flavours too. Whether you like a Casino Royale type of casinos or something more upbeat, you’ll find it on your Android device.

Android APK Gambling Apps

Finally, there are many ways for you to enjoy these games and sites. The most widespread way of mobile gambling is instant gameplay. It means that you can deposit and play the games directly from your browser.

However, some people like a dedicated software to run the games on. That’s where Android apps come in. Simply download an .apk file on your mobile to install the program.

Mobile apps like that allow for an even faster access, loading times and a better interface in general. Everything is available in the app in one place, from games to bonuses and special features. And you can launch it all with one tap on your home screen.

The Best Android Casino Sites

With Android casinos being so popular, you’ll never have a difficulty finding a site to bet on. The real question is, how to choose a proper one?

You can always look for what you feel is the most important to you as a mobile player. In our opinion, a good Android casino should have:

  • At least a few hundred games to choose from, possibly even a thousand
  • A variety of games, so that you could play it all at any time
  • A variety of providers makes the games even more distinguishable from one another
  • A mobile-friendly site design and layout
  • Bonuses available or even exclusive on Android mobile phones
  • At least one or several mobile payment methods so that you could really play on the go

Aside from this, you should focus on the things you like. What kinds of bonuses do you use the most often? What kinds of games do you play?

You’ll be happy to hear that Android gambling sites accommodate everything an online or mobile casino possibly could offer. Not every site is like that, of course, but the variety is tremendous if you consider them all together.

Android users at the betting sites are used to mobile free spins and deposit bonuses. They also know about loyalty bonuses and cash drops that require no deposits.

Advantages of Playing on Android

The main advantage of an Android casino is one that applies to all mobile casinos. It’s the fact that this is a remote service, even more so than any other online casino.

Indeed, you can enjoy Android slots and other casino games even if you lead a busy life. Many of us don’t have a lot of spare time on our hands, yet mobile gambling solves the issue.

When playing on Android casinos, you can gamble on the go or during short breaks. It only takes a few seconds to launch the casino and choose a game. And it’s just as easy to turn it off on your mobile.

HMTL5 Software for Android

Android casinos use the HTML5 software. It’s the new best engine allowing to turn video slots into mobile games. This way, all of your favourite slots and most other games you’ve seen online are available on Android devices.

As a result, mobile casinos for Android not only caught up with the online casinos, they surpassed them. All the advantages of an online casino site are available on mobile devices. And then there are the mobile advantages on top.

One of them is the ability to play whenever you like. This applies to both slots and live dealer games, among other choices. You could be logging in in the middle of the night and enjoying these games.

The best Android casinos will also offer support at all times of the day too. So there’s really no difference whether you play during your lunch break or after midnight.

Android casino sites are full exciting gambling games, bonuses and promotions. All of it is available on your mobile in heaps.