Live Poker 2020 – Perks of Playing the Casino Game Online

Ever wanted to be a professional poker player, only you wish to have the anonymity as you do online? Then you should consider live poker! I could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Or is it?

Some testimonies show that live poker may not be all its cracked up to be. Others, on the other hand, swear by it and manage to make a successful living.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see if live poker really is worth the investment or whether it truly is a waste of time and money.

Live Poker: The Perks

poker player1) You Get To Do Something You Love

If you’re passionate about poker, then it’s a given that doing something you love will make you love your job and therefore love life. Nothing brings more satisfaction than earning money whilst working on something you like.

2) You Have Complete Freedom/Flexibility

Don’t want to work 9-5? With live poker, you don’t have to! Choose your own hours and live freely. After all, who wants to be stuck in an office for the same hours every day doing something they rather wouldn’t?

3) High Earning Potential

This should be fairly obvious, but if you play right, you can be in for some big money. We’re talking thousands, here. If you play in the right tournaments, you may not even have to play another game of poker for another year!

Live Poker: The Downsides

Everyone is more likely to know the downsides of live poker playing and this is unfortunate. However, they should be recognised seeing as you’re investing your own capital into the game, after all:

1) Difficult To Analyse Win Rate

Every game of poker is different and that’s no different with live poker. Too many variables exist for you to pin down a consistent win rate. Nevertheless, it is essential you do understand your win rate if you ever wish to be successful as a live poker player.

2) Too Much Variance

Much like the previous point, variance plays a big role in poker of any sort. The most obvious way is, of course, financially. The second, however, is how challenging it can be emotionally.

Frustration can creep in and cloud your judgment far more often than you would like, even if you’re the calmest at the table.

3) Need Lots Of Money

And lastly, the most blatant reason live poker is risky is the fact you need money to start with. Losing all of it is a frequent risk and can happen if you’re not careful enough. Once you’ve lost it all, you can say goodbye to all your poker dreams once and for all.