Live Dream Catcher – UK Online Casino Guide 2020

dream catcher evolution gaming

It’s not quite brand new any more, but chances are you haven’t yet tried out this live-roulette-style game.

The unique quality of this game is that it is geared to make you feel like a contestant at a game show. Your live dealer spins the wheel while casually chatting at the camera and answering your questions.

There are odds at play here and specific strategies to place your bets. First of all, let’s see where you can find Live Dream Catcher in order to play your first game!

Where to Play Dream Catcher: Live Casinos

Evolution Gaming themselves have stated that Dream Catcher is a live version of land-based Money Wheels. This means that you should look for Dream Catcher in your casino’s “live casino” section if there is one.

A live casino is a casino live stream service provided by online casinos. The player is given access to a studio live stream of whatever game they chose to play.

So, if you choose to play Dream Catcher, you’ll get hooked up to the studio where your live dealer and the money wheel are situated. You’ll have a live chat system that the dealer will physically reply to, which gives the game a great social element.

Here are a couple of casinos where you’ll find Dream Catcher:

  • Pokerstars
  • 888 Casino
  • PartyCasino
  • Casinoeuro

How to Play Dream Catcher: Game Strategy

Dream Catcher might not be as lucrative as the land-based Money Wheel or even the live roulette, but there’s still a couple of ways to maximize your earnings.

  1. Gameplay Basics

On your Dream Catcher live stream interface, you will see all the numbers that the wheel may stop on. These numbers are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The first step is to place bets on these numbers.

If the wheel stops at a number you betted on, you will earn your bet back + your bet amount multiplied by that number. So, if you place £10 on ”1”, you will get £20. If you place £10 on “2”, you will get £30. And so on.

  1. The “Multiplier” Feature

The wheel also has “multipliers” on it, which is where things get interesting. If the wheel stops on a “2x” multiplier, then your bets are locked for the next spin. Winnings are then multiplied if you hit a number you bet on.

Let’s say you place £10 on 2. The live dealer rolls the wheel and hits a 2x multiplier. The dealer spins again and lands on 2. You get the initial £30, multiplied by 2, meaning a £60 total.

  1. Wheel Odds

Like all casino games, it’s best to know the odds and organise your strategy accordingly.

  • Number 1: 1/1
  • Number 2: 2/1
  • Number 5: 5/1
  • Number 10: 10/1
  • Number 20: 20/1
  • Number 40: 40/1

While you can be sure to win by betting on 1 or 2, bear in mind that you can place multiple bets. So you could always up the ante by going for a big win while safely placing bets on the smaller numbers too.