High Roller Casino 2020 – Guide: Play for real money online in UK

Do you consider yourself to be the type of player who invests a lot into gambling? We aren’t just talking about the amount of money you bet. We also mean the time, effort and how seriously you take your decisions in an online casino.

Do you take it all very seriously, spending the time to learn strategies and loving the risk of it? Are you also willing to continue playing even after a series of losses, against the odds? Chances are you are a high roller.

As one, you probably enjoy only a handful of casinos to full extent. Only high roller casinos can offer enough high bonuses or increasing prizes for active players like yourself.

With that in mind, here are the best high roller casino sites and how they look like.

Best High Roller Casinos

The best high roller casinos need to offer more than your usual online casino does. What casual gamblers might enjoy, high rollers can hardly make use of.

You don’t need £5 bonuses or games that pay out only a couple of pounds per spin. Here’s what you really need and what a real high roller casino should have:

  • Big bonuses to accommodate for your big plans and deposits
  • Progressive jackpot slots for the highest payouts possible
  • Other high volatility games for noticeable wins
  • Table games for the option to play strategically
  • Lucrative VIP promotions scheme to reward your activity
  • High limits for deposits and withdrawals to make room for high roller gameplay styles

If a casino has all that, you can be sure it’s a great high roller casino. Otherwise, you might be missing something.

This doesn’t mean, however, that casual players can’t play on such sites. On the contrary, they usually accept all kinds of players. Allowing for both casual and highly strategic gameplay, such sites can accommodate everyone.

High roller casinos have many features that serious gamblers will find lucrative. Read more about them below.

High Roller Casino Promotions

High-roller promotions are usually higher than usual. They aren’t necessarily better, but they need to give the option to claim a huge bonus. Even if it means making a huge deposit or betting a thousand times.

For example, a welcome bonus up to £50 is not a high roller bonus. But a welcome bonus up to £5,000 is just that. You may have to deposit a couple thousand in the first place to get it, of course. But that’s what a high roller might just do.

Aside from that, these promotions could feature anything and not just a deposit bonus. It could be extra spins, a cash drop or a cashback bonus.

High Roller Games and Jackpots

More importantly, high roller casinos must have casino games that are risky. Not just for the sake of the risk, but because higher risk tends to come with higher rewards. And it’s all about big wins for the high rollers.

Jackpot games

The best known high-risk and high-reward games are, of course, jackpot games. Specifically, progressive jackpot games which include dynamic jackpots, growing as people are playing these games.

High variance slots

But even without that, some high variance slots are also great for the serious players. High variance means that the payout tends to fluctuate a lot, which allows for really big possible wins.

Casino table games

Finally, high rollers are usually associated with table games. While the classic games aren’t volatile at all, they have an aspect of strategy. And that’s exactly what attracts players who want to take matters into their own hands.

VIP Experience for High Rollers

VIP bonuses are arguably the most important thing at a high roller casino. Also known as loyalty bonuses, they allow for an improved experience of returning players.

Serious gamblers tend to deposit quite a lot of money regularly. They keep playing even if it doesn’t go their way. They turn the odds eventually, even if it takes huge risks.

Loyalty bonuses are there to make it easier for such players. Because the more they play, the more bonuses and the better bonus conversion they get.

It may be only a few per cent of their total deposits that return as bonuses. However, in the long run, and with thousands in deposits, it makes all the difference.

Payment Methods for Serious Gamblers

One of the most popular payment methods these days is pay by phone. However, that’s a useless service for high rollers due to its low daily deposit limit.

High rollers need something that’s completely opposite. We’re talking about payments with no or at least very high deposit and withdrawal limits. How else will they be able to make expensive bets and win huge stacks of cash otherwise?

That’s why payment methods like unlimited e-wallets are a crucial attribute of a high roller casino. And the more of them to choose from, the better.

There are many ways to recognize a high roller casino. Play there if you have the guts to win big.