Slots Strategy 2020 – Tips and Tricks to Help You Play Better

Online Slots As online video slots are fundamentally a game of chance, many people would argue that there can be no such thing as a strategy for playing slots. They are, in fact, partially correct.

The outcome of an online slot is completely dependent on a ‘random number generator’, and therefore there’s no way you can watch for patterns or employ mathematical strategies, as you would with a card game.

That being said, whilst a definitive, failsafe slots strategy may not exist, there are numerous tips and tricks you can learn to ensure you’re winning as often as possible. On this page, you can find out how to win the most on online slots. This includes tips and tricks about:

  • How to budget to maximise your wins
  • How slot RTP and volatility can impact your chances of winning

Stick to Your Budget

budgeting-methodsFirst things first, to win the most at slots, you need to know the importance of sticking to your budget. A good slots player will only play with what they can afford to lose, and you should calculate what this amount may be before sitting down to play.

Creating a bankroll budget not only allows you to work out how long you can afford to play for and how much money you can wager per spin. It also eliminates your chance of risking too much money and then spiralling into betting more to try to recuperate your losses.

Know When to Stop Playing

Stop SignIn a similar vein, you should never play slots when you’re feeling emotional. If you’re feeling ‘lucky’ or impulsive, then it’s probably time to take a step back.

Whilst we may all have moments when we feel like everything’s going our way, thanks to the fact that slots are a game of chance, there’s nay of predicting what may happen next.

We know this is quite a bleak way of starting our slots strategy guide, but bankroll management is essential if you want to become a profitable slots player.

Essentially, you need always decide how much you’re willing to lose before playing and know when to walk away from the game (whether that’s when you’ve won enough or when you’ve lost enough).

Slot RTP and Volatility

As you may know, the world of slots is an extensive and diverse place. There are now hundreds of slots available to play at online casinos, and they all look so appealing!

However, in order to win at slots and employ a good slot strategy, you need to learn how to find the best slots for you and your budget. You can base this around two things:

  • A slot’s RTP
  • A slot’s volatility

What Does Slot RTP Mean?

A slot’s ‘RTP’ refers to the game’s return to player rate and so, simply put, an RTP is a rate at which you’ll receive your money back. However, sadly, it’s not as straightforward as that.

Slot RTP is, essentially, the percentage of total wins over the total stakes played. However, RTP rates are theoretical. They are calculated over an extended period of play and therefore do not represent what happens each time the game is played.

PercentagesSo for instance, a slot with a 96% RTP rate would theoretically mean that for every £1 you wager on the slot, you can expect 96p in return. That being said, sometimes your 96p could be contributing to someone else’s win or their 96p towards your win.

Whilst this means that a slot’s RTP rate isn’t a sure fire way of knowing whether a slot will give you a big win, it’s important to consider in terms of slot strategy. In fact, we would recommend never playing a slot with an RTP lower than 94%.

What Is Slot Volatility?

Although it’s important to pay attention to a slot’s RTP rate, it’s also important to pay attention to a slot’s volatility, or variance as it’s also sometimes called.

Slot volatility refers to how risky a slot is. Essentially, low volatility slots are less risky whist high volatility slots are considered to be high risk:

  • Risk and RewardLow Volatility
    Low volatility slots will pay out frequently, yet only in small amounts. This is why they’re thought of as low risk, as your bankroll should stay pretty stable.
  • High Volatility
    High volatility slots will pay out large sums, yet only once in a while. This makes them riskier as they involve the possibility of spinning for quite some time without any rewards.

Slots Strategy for Different RTP Rates and Volatilities

Now you’ve learned about both slot RTP rates and slot volatility, you now need to know how these two factors can impact your slot strategy.

How to Play Low RTP, High Volatility Slots

A low RTP may not be a bad thing if a slot has a high variance. However, these kinds of games are, as we’ve just mentioned, very risky. This means you need to employ a solid slot strategy and stick to it!

In general, when playing high volatility slots, you need to be prepared for the fact that you may lose everything, and quickly. On the other hand, if you win, you should probably quit whilst you’re ahead. Never rush to put all your winnings at stake again when playing a high volatility slot.

How to Play High RTP, Low Volatility Slots

Slots with high RTP rates are likely to be low variance. As noted in the previous section, this means you will win small amounts regularly.

In order to win big on low variance slots, therefore, it’s important to wait for the bonus rounds. These are your chances to cash in and so are a vital part of a good slot strategy.