Sic-Bo Strategy 2020 – Online Tip to Win In The Casino Table Game

sic-bo strategy guideSic-Bo is a dice game that allows many different bets and hundreds of betting combinations. This allows for various strategies the players can use to gain an edge.

Therefore, you should use the opportunity to learn some tested strategies and maximise your winnings. We’ve got some tips and tricks for players of all levels, including beginners and seasoned gamblers.

Multiple Bet Sic-Bo Strategy Guide

Since Sic-Bo players can place any number of bets on the table, there are many possible multiple bet strategies. Here are some of our favourites.

One Outcome – Multiple Wins

One way to play Sic-Bo is to choose a single number and place on several bets related to it. For example, a bet on triple 6, double 6 and single 6 simultaneously could net you an easy profit.

With a few more chips on the single 6, any 6 on the outcome will leave you richer than before. However, at the same time, you have the triple number bet covered at all times. That’s one of the safest ways to get that 180x payout.

sic-bo strategy big win

Cover Many Outcomes

Another option is to cover different outcomes to maximise your chances of winning, even if it’s just a little bit. A popular method in this strategy is to bet on total number 9.

Aside from the total 9, place additional bets on double 1, 5 and 6. That’s because it’s impossible to get a total 9 with any of these doubles. This covers more outcomes than usual and each bet has a fairly good payout too.

Sic-Bo Strategies with 50/50 Bets

For something simpler, check out the popular strategies exploiting the 50/50 probability bets. They only work on Small/Big bet, but not as well on single number bets, despite 1:1 payout.

Martingale Strategy

sic-bo bettingPlace the lowest possible bet on Small or Big. If you lose, double the bet. If you win, start again from the smallest bet. This way, you’ll earn a profit with every single win, even after a streak of losses.

Your profits will be small and it will take time to win a decent amount of money. However, it’s a steady way to play Sic-Bo.

There’s one disadvantage of this system and other similar strategies, though. By doubling your bet when you lose, a streak of losses can be devastating if you max out.

D’Alembert and Fibonacci strategies offer a solution to that. However, they have their own risks as well, despite their easy winnings. Plus, ignoring all the betting options but Small/Big makes Sic-Bo quite monotonic.

Try out these strategies and see which one works best for you!