Mini Roulette 2020 – Guide: Gameplay & Features

mini rouletteLike with 3D roulette, mini roulette is an exciting variant of classic roulette whose main differences involve graphical elements.

The gameplay is identical to regular roulette. You choose what bet to place according to your funds, and the table bet minimum/maximum. Then you place your bets, spin the wheel, and hope for the best.

But with mini roulette, the wheel is much smaller. And because of the fewer numbers, the chance of hitting your chosen number is 13:1.

Here’s a quick comparison:

  • American roulette: 38 wheel pockets
  • European roulette: 37 wheel pockets
  • Mini Roulette: 13 wheel pockets (12 + 0)

As there are fewer numbers, there are higher chances of the ball landing on 0. You’ll receive 50% payback when the ball lands on the 0 space, which is great.

But that still means that the house edge is greater in mini roulette.

Mini Roulette Betting Options

You’ll find the same general betting options in mini roulette as you would in regular roulette. Thanks to a handy hover feature, you can hover your mouse over the betting board and see what’s available.

It’s good to vary between sure bets like even/odd or black/red, and higher-risk bets. Though in the first case you’re sure to win, who wouldn’t want that extra bit of excitement when you win against lower odds?

Obviously, as there are fewer numbers, you won’t be able to bet on as many options as you want. You can still go for things like:

  • Split bet
  • Corner bet
  • Street bet
  • Three/Six bet
  • Column bet

Mini Roulette Game Features: Graphics & Immersion

If you’re looking for an original and graphically amazing version of online roulette, then look no further than mini roulette. You’ll find some of the most charming graphics around, and also some very interesting gameplay variations.

You’ll easily find free to play or demo versions of mini roulette online. That way, you can see how it works before playing for real money.

The small roulette wheel spins enticingly as you pick your bets on the betting table. Game animations are seamless, and a ‘dealer voice’ feature heightens the immersion.

Sound effects aren’t quite as cleaned up as in 3D roulette. But we think the mini roulette has that cuteness factor that may very well make up for that!

Not to mention, playing with fewer numbers on the wheel really affects the player’s choices. So in a way, mini roulette offers a far more different experience of regular roulette than 3D roulette does.