French Roulette 2020 – How to Play & Bets

french roulette

There’s not that much strategy to roulette compared to other card games. It’s a very chance-based game.

Thanks to French roulette, you can spice things up a bit. The features in this variant will give you higher chances to win something and also insert some more strategy for you to enjoy.

The main difference in French roulette isn’t the wheel or the numbers. You also still have the option to place either outside bets and inside bets.

Basically, the variant allows you two possible “insurance” options.

French Roulette: Exclusive Insurance Features

“Insurance” in classic table games means that you will insure your bet. That way, you only stand to lose a certain percentage of your bet if you lose.

You find this option in blackjack for instance. In French roulette, however, the insurance goes one step further than simply safeguarding half your total bets.

Here are the two French roulette-exclusive features:

  1. La Partage bet

In French, this means ‘the divide’.  You’ll only be able to do this if you place an outside bet and choose even money to wager on.

Just as a reminder: when placing an outside bet on even numbers, you are wagering on all the even numbers. Which gives you great chances to win!

But it also means that you have to scatter money across the table, and therefore put in more money than with a single or split bet.

If you choose to implement the La Partage bet, you can get half your money back if the ball lands on 0. That’s right – you get half of what you scattered across the table back.

Placing a La Partage bet does reduce the house edge, but it cost a little extra to put into place.

  1. En Prison bet

As you may have guessed, this one means ‘In prison’. You can place this bet regardless of whether you’re making an inside or outside wager.

En Prison bets serve as insurance for the larger wagers you’ll put down. When you place a large amount of money on the table, and just one of those bets wins – the En Prison insurance gets all your bets back!

That way, you can throw as much money as you want on the table , but you won’t be losing anything. The only money you’ll really lose is the En Prison bet itself.

This can be really great when you want to bet high amounts, but still want to minimize risk.