Double Ball Roulette Games Online 2020 – Double Your Odds of Winning

double ball rouletteDouble ball roulette is one of the roulette variations that first appeared at online casinos. You won’t find this game at real casinos, as it would actually be impossible in reality.

Such unique possibilities make online casinos extremely thrilling. In fact, double ball roulette is a very popular type of roulette online. We totally get its appeal – it’s like any roulette game, except your chances to win are doubled!

You should give it a go too if you like roulette games. It may not be completely realistic, true. But it will pump up your adrenaline like no other casino game.

Double Ball Roulette Online

Usually, this variation is based on European roulette. This means that it will have the betting table and roulette wheel identical to the European version. There are 37 fields on it, including the single zero.

The main difference of this title is self-evident – the game is played with two balls simultaneously. This is why it’s impossible to pull off at a real casino. The balls can pass each other on double ball roulette and even land on the same field.

But that’s not all.

Due to the doubled chances of winning, the payouts and rules have been modified a bit. For example, all call and outside bets pay only if both balls land in the selected range. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to inside bets.

Double Ball Roulette Payouts

The actual numbers can vary from game to game as different developers can have slightly different rules. However, here’s what you’ll come across in most cases.

  • Straight up pays 17:1
  • Both balls on any same number pay 35:1
  • Split pays 8:1 (both balls pay 16:1)
  • Street pays 5:1 (both balls pay 10:1)
  • Corner pays 7:2 (both balls pay 7:1)
  • Line pays 2:1 (both balls pay 4:1)
  • Column & Dozen pay 8:1 (both balls only)
  • Even/Odd, Red/Black & High/Low pay 3:1 (both balls only)
  • Double ball straight up pays from 1,200:1 to 1,300:1

This last payout is basically what turns double ball roulette into a jackpot game. The chance of two balls landing in the pocket of your straight up bet is very small. However, the payout is also ways larger than any other roulette game had offered before.

So, if a single ball roulette is boring to you, try it with both balls. There are several different games like this, developed by many table game studios. Be it Felt, Evolution Gaming or NetEnt, these games are a fresh wind to casino gaming.

Smaller payouts are a small price to pay for twice as big chances to win on double ball roulette.