Double Action Roulette Games Online – One Ball, Two Numbers

double action roulette games onlineClassic roulette is a great game as it is, but sometimes even the best things turn sour. If you’re bored, roulette has many exciting variations with different rules and gameplay. Double action roulette is one of such variations.

This type of online roulette has a different betting table and a different wheel as well. The main difference here is that the wheel has two rings of numbers. There’s one on each side of the ball pockets and they spin separately too.

This essentially results in two wheels, spinning in separate directions within the whole roulette wheel. Both the inner and the outer rings have the same numbers though. That’s either 37 or 38 fields, as in classic roulette.

Double Action Roulette Online

Since there are two wheels in double action roulette, the betting table includes several parts too. These are:

  • The outer ring section
  • The inner ring section
  • The racetrack

Not only that, the layout of the whole table is different. The outer ring section does include all of the fields present in the usual online roulette. However, it’s a 6×6 table rather than the classic 12×3.

A second 6×6 section is available on the table, accepting bets on the inner ring. Plus, the racetrack works as a parlay section. Placing your chips there, you’ll hope that the ball will land on the same number(s) on both wheels.

Double Action Roulette Gameplay

So, how does it work? When you place your bets, the two rings in the wheel will spin in separate directions. As the ball lands, it will stop by two numbers on each side.

Your bets on the outer section will win if the ball stops on that number on the outer ring. However, you won’t get anything if you bet on that number in the inner ring’s section.

Take note that the ball can land on the same number on both sides. However, the number will be different in most cases.

Double Action Roulette Payouts

Here are the payouts for various bets exclusive to double action roulette:

  • Straight up bet on both rings pays 1,200:1
  • Odd/even, red/black and high/low on both rings pays 3:1
  • Dozen on both rings pays 8:1

As for the other options, they all pay the same as the standard roulette. As long as you’re correct on one ring, it doesn’t matter what the number on the other ring is.

  • Zero to six pays 4:1 (with one zero) or 3:1 (with two zeros)
  • Line (12 numbers) pays 2:1
  • Street pays 5:1
  • Corner pays 8:1
  • Split pays 17:1
  • Straight up pays 35:1

Play double action roulette for payouts up to 1,200x your bet.