American Roulette Guide – How to Play and Win Big Money

american roulette online

After classic European Roulette spread to North America in the 18th century, the American variant gained massively in popularity.

You can now find American roulette pretty much all over the online gambling industry, where it’s in regular casinos or live casinos.

So, how does American roulette differ from European roulette? Well, it’s simple. If you count the amount of pocket numbers on the roulette wheel, you’ll know which game you’re playing.

Indeed, in American roulette, dealers spin the ball on a “double zero” wheel. This means that the standard European wheel was modified to include a “double zero” (00) pocket.

So your American roulette wheel has numbers 1-36, a 0, and a 00. Does that make the game any easier to win? Let’s check out the features of this game more in detail.

American Roulette: Rules of the Game

The gameplay in American roulette follows the same basic order as with European roulette. The bets you place on the betting table signify what numbers you hope the ball will land on.

Once the dealer has spun the wheel, the ball lands on a pocket. If you’ve bet on either the number, the type of number (odd or even), or the colour of the pocket, then you’ll win your bet.

Your winnings will be automatically awarded to you if you do win. If you lose, your betting chips will be cleared from the table.

It’s also possible for certain online casinos to include “special bet” features. For instance, if your casino offers progressive jackpot games, that can affect some roulette tables available.

Be sure to check out the individual features that your online casino may offer as well as general rules of each roulette variation. Just so you don’t miss out!

How to Place your Bets in American Roulette: Basic Strategy

So, how do you take advantage of that extra number pocket? Well, you have to brush up on regular old roulette rules first.

As with European roulette, there is a maximum and minimum betting amount. This is to stop players from just scattering bets all over the table.

All the extra 00 pocket really does is slightly lower your odds to land on every other number.  Now, what you’ve got to mind is where you place your bets.

You’ve got two general options.

  1. Inside Bet

For this type of bet, you’re going to be betting on which number the ball lands on.

It seems pretty obvious that the more you scatter your chips over the table, the higher the chances you have of betting on a winner.

The “types” of inside bets you can do are all to do with how many numbers you’re betting on at a time. You can go for the “straight” if you really want to put all your money on a single number.

But really, the best thing to do is to at least split or go one step further and bet on any one of these options:

  • Three line: bet on a row of 3 numbers (a “street”)
  • Corner/Square: bet on 4 numbers that form a square
  • Six line: bet on two gathering streets

If you’d rather have better chances, however, you’d better make an outside bet.

  1. Outside Bet

Outside bets are for those who are bored of betting on numbers and instead want to bet on colours and odd/even outcomes.

The great thing about outside bets is that they all have higher odds of success than inside bets.

For instance, if you decide to bet on all even numbers, you’ll have up to 48% chances of winning! Compared to the 2.7% chance that a straight bet gives you.

Our recommendation would definitely be to privilege outside bets for maximum earnings.