3D Roulette – Gameplay and Features

3D roulette onlineThere are plenty of different ways to play roulette online. Yet if you’re tired of the flat 2D version, or the super-fast live dealer version, you could take things at your own pace with the 3D roulette.

Thanks to 3D roulette, you get both the solo experience, and the seamless realism of the live dealer version. Not only that, but you get to spin the roulette wheel yourself!

Gameplay-wise, 3D roulette follows the same rules as European roulette. The main difference is the gorgeous graphics, stunningly immersive features, and its namesake – the 3D roulette in the foreground.

You can find lots of “free 3D roulette” around so can play for fun in order to acclimatize yourself with the rules.

Let’s take a closer look at those features.

Game Features: Immersive Graphics and Design

Ase we said, the graphics and design are definitely the selling point of this game.

First of all, there’s a smooth voice feature that welcomes you. When you start playing, it will ask you to “place your bets” – and similarly guides you through the game.

It’s almost like a real dealer was there. And once again, you can choose whether you want the tutorial version with the score breakdown, or if you want to go at your own pace.

The casual background music is made to sound like you’re in a casino. And with that gorgeous 3D roulette wheel in the forefront, you’ll want to play for ages. The spin of that golden wheel is hypnotic!

There are two betting tables: the main one at the top of the screen and a smaller one for special bets at the right hand side.

Game Features: Gameplay

There are a couple of extra gameplay features in 3D roulette that you won’t find easily in other roulette games. For instance, you have the option to bet on “red splits” and “black splits” on the small betting table.

Your total playable amount will be at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Keep an eye on this, as the amount should obviously inform the size of your wagers.

Betting Made Easy for Beginners

In the demo version, tutorial pop-ups will appear to give you tips on how to play. For instance, before placing a bet, you’ll get a pop-up that will explain what to do.

You can of course toggle these off by clicking “do not display this message again” if you want an uninterrupted round.

To begin playing, you can select a chip from the right hand side of the screen. You can then decide where to place your bet.

  • To place a bet: click on one of bet areas on table
  • To increase a bet: click on any chip pile already placed on table
  • To decrease a bet: hold down the shift button and click relevant chip pile

3D roulette makes it easier for novice players to know what to bet by implementing a “hover” function. If you hover your mouse over the betting table features, you’ll be able to see what you’re betting on.

For instance, if you hover over the red or black diamonds, the total amount of red or black numbers will light up.

If you feel you want to change your bet, no worries. You can click either the “Clear” or “Undo” buttons to clear the table and try again.

Once you’re ready, you can press the “Spin” button. The animation will be launched, complete with sound effects and the dealer announcing your score.

You have the option of seeing a “Breakdown” of your score, too.

All in all, 3D roulette is an extremely satisfying experience, especially for those who prefer playing solo.