Omaha Poker – Game Guide, Rules & Strategy

Omaha Poker Feature ImageOmaha Poker is the hallmark of a great poker. This hugely popular game has garnered an international following. To date, it is considered to be one of the most played poker variations across the globe. We cannot say that comes as a surprise.

The fast-pace of this variation coupled with the intense moves and exciting manoeuvres make it super appealing. It somewhat resembles Texas Hold ‘Em, but with twists and turns that make it all the more attractive to players both new and seasoned.

This guide will take you along the basics of the game to give you a great platform to get started in the wonderful world of Omaha Poker.

How to Play Omaha Poker

Just like you would see in Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Poker also starts with a three-card flop and then a fourth as well as fifth board card.

  1. In the beginning, each player is dealt four hole cards. To form a hand, two hole cards and three board cards are used.
  2. The betting rounds kick off when the dealer burns a card then exposes three community cards in a face-up. This is where the flop happens and the second betting round commences shortly thereafter.
  3. In the second betting round, the dealer burns yet another card before turning over one more community card which is also known as the fourth street.
  4. The same ensues with the third betting round with the river or fifth street.
  5. After the last betting round is complete, it is time for the showdown and once every player has turned over their cards, the winner takes home the pot.

Omaha Poker Strategy

Omaha Poker GuideAll the skills and knowledge in the world would go to waste if one does not have a proper strategy when it comes to Omaha Poker. The best way to move forward is by being patient with your starting hand.

Always play with the best cards, in the beginning, to reap the benefits towards the end. Always remember that while having a couple of Aces in Hold ‘Em is great, that may not be the case for Omaha Poker. While having a pair of Aces can give you a strong pre-flop, the chances of them helping you win the pot are low.

While bluffing is a great technique in regular poker, it need not be used too often in Omaha as the strong hand is the eventual deal breaker. Drawing to the nuts is also another fantastic way of staying ahead in the game. Even if you are tempted to treat Omaha like a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, try not to as this approach can be a little problematic.

Where to Play Omaha Poker

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