Irish Poker – How to, Strategy & Where to Play

Irish Poker Feature ImageIf you are a regular poker player who is getting a little bored of the old routine, leave it to the Irish to bring in all the fun. Irish Poker is not just an excellent drinking game, it is the next level in poker for loads of laughs and good wins.

The basic rules of Irish Poker and regular Poker are more or less similar. The main distinctive feature of Irish Poker is that it blends the best of two of our favourite variations of poker. Irish Poker is a combination of Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha.

Players start off the game with four hole cards but get rid of two after the flop. While the game begins like Omaha, the rest of it is akin to Texas Hold ‘Em.

How to Play Irish Poker

There are several stages to the game. First, there is the pre-flop. As previously mentioned, each player is dealt with four hole cards. What happens next is the small blind and big blind make forced bets and the round sequence starts to the left of the Big Blind.

Subsequently, there is the flop whereby three community cards are dealt. Up next will be the discard round, where each player makes a choice on the two cards which they want to get rid of from their hand.

Then comes the turn where one more community card is dealt. The penultimate course of action is the river where one last community card is dealt before the showdown. In the showdown, the last aggressor turns his cards up and the winning hand claims the pot.

Irish Poker Strategy

Irish Poker GuideThere are two main strategies when it comes to Irish Poker. These are the pre-flop strategy and the discard strategy. The pre-flop strategy is a method of tackling the Omaha side of the game and involves starting with the hand that brings you the most possibilities.

Some of the hands you should look for are double big pairs, double suited cards, wraps and high pairs with high or middling connectors. Keep looking for a better hand as you go. To tackle the next step in Irish Poker, a good discard strategy is in order. Stay away from hands with draws on board and if a draw does hit the board avoid low draws.

Where to Play Irish Poker

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