Horse Poker – Strategy & How to Play Online

Horse Poker Feature ImageIn the fast-paced world of poker games, there is nothing quite like the variation of HORSE Poker. Much rather like Texas Hold ‘Em, HORSE is actually a myriad of well-loved poker variations to strike the fancy of anyone who is new or old to the game.

HORSE Poker stands for: Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight of Better. It is a fantastic combination of all the best features of these variations in one solid gaming package. Read along this guide to learn more about this game and how you can make the best of it!

How to Play Horse Poker

If you already are familiar with the game of poker, there is not too much ground to cover when it comes to this variation. The basic rules are pretty standard. HORSE Poker is played in an orbit which goes fully around the table. The said rotation follows the same order time and time again.

The order of the games follows the HORSE sequence too. It starts off with Hold ‘Em and then followed by Omaha, Razz, Stud with an end at Eight or Better. Whenever the game switches your dealer whether live or virtual would tell you and have a card with the current game on top of the table. In general, the game runs on an eight-handed basis.

Horse Poker Strategy

Horse Poker GuideNo matter how seasoned or new the player, it is always great to have a strategy in place. To get started along the right track and have a fulfilling game of poker, the best thing to do is master all the rules.

Identify the loops in each game variation to identify where to hit in the game’s soft spots. Another great way to make sure that you are doing your best is to take a shot at the biggest pots in the game within reason, of course.

If you know that you are playing up against opponents that are out of your league, do not attempt the biggest pot. But if you feel pretty ahead of the game, a little healthy risk could not hurt too much.

Some of the fundamentals in poker are also essential to stick to. Remember to always play in position and not out. Make bluffs sensibly and never attempt to play every single hand you come across.

Playing poker is about paying attention to the up cards and staying aggressive. Keep up a good strategy and you will find your post-flop decisions becoming better and better each time.

Where to Play Horse Poker

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