Online Bonus Poker

Online Bonus Poker Feature ImageThe world has seen poker transform from just another card game in a brick-and-mortar casino into various splendid versions in the online world. Virtually speaking, poker has been made into multiple variations that can be played online via casino sites or via live casinos.

Another form of poker that has been rapidly gaining popularity is none other than video poker. One video poker game that interests us, in particular, is Bonus Poker. Bonus Poker comes in multiple variations but one of its most appealing features is its return.

Online Bonus Poker has a return rate of up to 99% on the right sites at the right times. That being said, this guide will teach you all about Bonus Poker and how to play it to its fullest!

How to Play Online Bonus Stud Poker

One thing you should know before you start a game of Bonus Poker, is it is inspired by the Jacks or Better version of video poker. If you are already well-versed with Jacks or Better, then Bonus Poker should be a breeze. As it is usually played on a computer, Bonus Poker cards are usually dealt virtually.

Hence, you will get started when you are dealt with a hand of five cards. You may discard between zero to five cards in video poker. You get a payout based on the rank of your final hand according to the game’s pay table.

Online Bonus Stud Poker Strategy

Online Bonus Poker GuideThe lowest paying hand in a game of Bonus Poker is a pair similar to Jacks or Better, while the highest paying hand is the Royal Flush. Knowing when Bonus Poker offers payouts for these is essential to maintaining a decent strategy of gaming.

One way to get ahead is by sheer mathematics. The deck of cards dealt has 52 cards. By paying close attention to what cards are exposed on the board, you will be able to gauge what cards are remaining. Put in a little extra effort by getting your hands on the payback percentage in the game to master the odds.

Practice makes perfect in the case of Bonus Poker, as the more you play, the better you will be at knowing when to call, raise or fold.

Where to Play Online Bonus Stud Poker

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