Badugi Poker Guide – Strategy & Where to Play

Badugi Poker Feature ImageComing by a quirky name is not the only plus point of a game of Badugi Poker. Badugi Poker is also known as Badougi, Paduki and Padooki across different regions of the globe. It is another hybrid poker variation that resembles a triple draw game.

Just like your average poker game, Badugi Poker also uses blinds but uses only four cards instead of five. The game is fun, fantastic and pretty lucrative too. This guide will touch on all the basics of Badugi poker to get you Badugi-ready!

Badugi Gameplay and Strategy

The whole point of the game, just like any other regular gambling game is to win the pots. The one who wins the pot is usually the one with the best hand. This is determined during the game in which there are three drawing rounds.

Players are allowed to trade zero to four cards from their hand. These trades are made to replace their cards with new cards from the deck to form the best Badugi hand. The best Badugi hand at showdown wins the game.

In Badugi, the best hand you could possibly get is an A234 of four different suits while the worst hand you could get is a King of four different suits.

Badugi Poker GuideAs mentioned a little earlier, the whole point of Badugi is to get a four-card low hand with four different suits and no pairs. The cards are ranked by the highest card, the straights not carrying any weight while the Aces are considered the lowest. If it comes to a showdown and no one at the table has a Badugi, the player with the best hand gets the pot.

Having a good strategy in place could increase your chances of winning by miles. Some of the tried and tested tactics involve position. Always try to act last in a game so that there is an opportunity for you to bluff while observing other players.

Being in a late position also gives you the upper hand in knowing whether or not your hand is strong. Another thing to do is estimate the odds by watching the cards that are drawn. Knowing the cards well will help you gauge what cards your opponents are holding. Also, remember to choose a table that has about three people betting at it. This increases the chances of a Badugi being drawn.

Where to Play Badugi Poker

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