7 Card Stud Poker – How to Play & Strategy

Seven Card Stud Poker Feature ImageIn the world of poker variations, finding one that has it all can be a chore. But Seven Card Stud Poker is a variation that is bound to have you hooked. Also known as Seven-Toed Pete or Down-The-River, this version of poker is exciting and fun from start to finish. Just like all poker games in general, the goal is to win the pot.

The Seven Card Poker variant has garnered massive popularity, particularly in the United States for its delightful complexity. It is usually played among two to eight players and is the ultimate test of skill and dexterity.

This guide will take you along the basics of this awesome game. Read on to learn how to make the best of Seven Card Stud Poker!

How to Play Seven Card Stud Poker

When it comes to a game of Seven Card Stud the ante starts with all bets being placed. Then the game gets off to the third street. In the third street, each player is dealt three cards. Among these three cards are two hidden hole cards and one face up.

The one who has the lowest card exposed begins the round and the sequence of the gameplay moves in a clockwise direction. After the betting for the round is complete, the fourth street is where each player gets another exposed card. Another round of betting commences before the fifth street.

In the fifth street, yet another exposed card is dealt to each player. The same happens for the sixth street and the seventh street. In the seventh street or the river, each player gets a card that is dealt face-down. The last betting round ensues before the showdown.

Do note that from the third street right up to the seventh street, the player who has the lowest card exposed starts the round. In the showdown, the last bettor or raiser shows their cards and the winner is the one with the lowest hand.

Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy

Seven Card Stud Poker GuideHaving the basics at your fingertips is great in a game of Seven Card Stud Poker but nothing beats having a good strategy up your sleeve. One of the major moves to avoid making in this game is playing with too many starting hands.

It is also extremely important to keep a close watch on which cards are exposed and fold when you have modest holdings or weak draws. When you do come across a good holding, go ahead and raise. Another important tool is pace.

Be aggressive in the third street and then take it down a notch as you get closer to the seventh street. Know the pot odds well to estimate your chances and you may just be the winner of the day.

Where to Play Seven Card Stud Poker

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