2-7 Triple Draw Poker – Guide & How To Play

Triple Draw Poker HandPoker and its variations are abundant in online casinos, as anyone even vaguely familiar with the online casino landscape will attest to.

2-7 Triple Draw poker is one variation which is probably not the first which springs to mind, but this game has gained popularity in recent years. We will explore the basics of this unusual and unconventional poker game in this mini guide.

How To Play 2 – 7 Triple Draw Poker

Triple Draw Lowball or Kansas City Lowball or simply Triple Draw poker is rather different to your typical poker game.

Firstly, Triple Draw is usually a fixed-limit game. This means that betting is limited, so those huge winnings seen in televised poker matches aren’t usually part of the package with Triple Draw poker. However, it is worth mentioning that some 2-7 Triple Draw games don’t have betting limits.

Ordinarily, there are two different bets in Triple Draw which are based on the blind. Bets are always double the blind in standard Triple Draw poker. So, if the blind is £2.00/£2.50, bets are £4.00 in the first two rounds of betting and £5.00 in the last two betting rounds of the hand.

Following the unusual theme, the aim of Triple Draw poker is to get the worst conventional poker hand, yes you read that correctly! So, you are hoping for a low hand rather than a high hand.

Here are the basics of Triple Draw poker:

  • All players at the table are dealt five cards face down one at a time
  • First betting round commences
  • The player to the dealer’s left begins the drawing phase. Players choose which cards they would like to keep, and which they would like to discard and replace from their hands. The dealer swaps and discards cards one player at a time
  • If a player chooses to discard all five cards of their hand, that player will receive four new cards at once. The final fifth card is dealt once all other cards have been dealt to each player
  • Two more betting and drawing phases are then conducted, following exactly the same procedure as above. Players can fold at any time
  • A final betting round then takes place
  • Any players still remaining enter the showdown phase, where the best low hand wins the round

2-7 Triple Draw Poker Winning Hands

Best Triple Draw Poker HandAs we mentioned, the aim of 2-7 Triple Draw is to get low hands. The standard poker hands of flush, straights, pairs and the like all apply in 2-7 Triple Draw. However, the aim is to avoid these hands rather than look for them!

The very best possible hand in 2-7 is 7, 5, 4, 3, 2. Another thing to note is that aces only count as high cards.

2-7 Triple Draw poker is a game which goes against the poker grain which never fails to entertain! So, why not try your hand at 2-7 Triple Draw today with this mini guide fresh in mind?