Keno Rules

Keno AnimationIn this mini-guide, we detail the rules of keno and the different keno tickets which you can buy at online casinos.

Keno Rules

Keno is a game of chance rather than skill, which makes it somewhat off-putting to a lot of online gamblers.

Keno is a very simple game to comprehend. Essentially, keno functions in exactly the same way as traditional lottery games. The aim, and hope, is to match your numbers with the ones which are drawn out. Casino gaming doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Ordinarily, keno is played out on a board with numbers from 1-80. Players can choose from 1 to 10 numbers among the 80 numbers on the card. There are some keno games which allow you to select 15, or even 20 numbers.

Keno Tickets

Although the basic keno rules are simple, things get a little more interesting with the different types of tickets which can be purchased.

The Basic Straight Keno Ticket

The simplest form of a ticket, or bet, is to place money on the specific balls which will be drawn. If those numbers are drawn, you pocket some winnings.

Left/Right or Top/Bottom Ticket

This ticket involves placing bets on specific areas of the keno board. You can bet on more numbers being drawn from the left 40, the right 40, the bottom 40 or the top 40 than anywhere else on the board.

Odd/Even Ticket

With this ticket, you can bet that more odd or even numbers will be drawn.

King Ticket

This ticket allows players to select one number out of the 80 on the board to be used in combination with other types of bets.

Split and Combination Tickets

This ticket allows you to play two straight bets on the same ticket. One thing to note is that the two bets cannot share any numbers.

A combination ticket is very similar, allowing players to combine different types of bets on one ticket.

Way Ticket

The Way ticket allows you to bet on groups of numbers within the same ticket. For example, you could choose two sets of numbers with four numbers in each group. Whether you can combine numbers or not depends on the casino you are playing at.

20-Spot Ticket

A relatively new keno ticket, players choose 20 numbers from a keno board of 40 numbers with this ticket. Players who match 2,3 or 7 numbers will receive their money back. If you match at least 19 numbers, the jackpot will be won.

If you don’t match any numbers, you will also receive a prize. However, if you match 4,5 or 6 numbers you won’t win anything at all!

With the rules and different types of tickets in mind, why not try your luck at keno today?