Online Keno 2020 – What is it & How to play it?

Keno Animated BallsStep inside to the world of keno. Keno is probably not the first name on the lips of online gamblers, but it is one which shouldn’t be ignored if you are keen on winning big money. And aren’t we all?

Find out all about online keno in this handy keno guide which covers the rules of keno, different keno bets and tickets, keno strategies and tips and an interesting look at the history of keno too!

The Basics of Keno

So, what is keno anyway? Unfortunately for those who love creativity, invention and originality, it’s not quite as exciting as the name might suggest.

Keno, in its most simple terms, is a lottery game. If you have seen any lottery game on the TV or bought a lottery ticket, you will know the keno drill.

The basic aim of classic keno is to match numbers with those which are drawn, just as you would aim to do with traditional lottery games.

Keno is not a game for those gamblers, who like to employ skill and strategy. Indeed, those who enjoy the skill and craft of poker playing are not likely to be too thrilled with what keno offers.

The Thrill of Online Keno

Still, keno can be a true game of suspense and drama and, let us tell you, there is certainly a thrill when your numbers are drawn! Despite being very basic in nature, keno can be an entertaining casino game. And, the possible winnings? Well, they can be very impressive, with thousands of pounds up for grabs.

For some gamblers, the simplicity of keno might be a blessing. Being a complete game of chance, keno doesn’t require any skill or craft on the player’s part, but still provides gamblers with the opportunity to win staggering amounts of money.

And, keno is a great game for beginners in the online casino landscape. Pretty much everyone knows what the lottery is and how it works, unless you have been living under a rock for decades. Getting to grips with the basic rules of keno is pretty much instant. You can be up and running, knowing exactly what is going on, in next to no time.

The Classic Keno Board

Classic Keno BoardThe classic keno board lists numbers from 1 to 80. From that wide selection, you choose the numbers and, essentially, you sit and hope that those numbers are drawn.

Ordinarily, 20 numbers are drawn in a keno game from the 80 balls. The numbers are drawn at random through a random number generator at online casinos.

Usually, players can choose from 1 to 10 numbers, but some keno games will allow players to choose 15 or even 20 numbers.

The amount of money a keno player wins, as with traditional lotteries, depends on the amount of numbers they match. Generally, the more numbers a player matches, the more money they win. However, some online keno games flip that principle on its head and pay you more for matching fewer numbers.

Different Online Keno Bets and Tickets

The basic concept of keno is simple, but there are many different tickets and bets to choose from.

Straight Keno Ticket

The most basic ticket and simplest one for beginners is the straight ticket. With this bet, you simply guess the numbers which will be drawn. Standard keno games will allow you to choose from 1 number up to 10 numbers.

The Top/Bottom and Left/Right Ticket

Keno TicketsSome Keno players decide to bet on areas of the keno board rather than the individual numbers which will be drawn.

With this particular bet, players wager on more numbers being drawn from the top 40, bottom 40, left 40 or right 40 than anywhere else on the keno board.

The Way Ticket

The Way ticket is somewhat similar to the previous bet. With the Way bet, you bet on groups of numbers with the same ticket. For instance, you could choose three sets of numbers with four numbers in each set.

Some casinos will allow you to use the same numbers in different sets, whereas others won’t.

The Split Ticket

The Split ticket allows players to combine different bets. Players select two Straight bets on the same ticket. Usually, the two Straight bets cannot share any numbers.

You might also see the Combination ticket, which is very similar to the Split ticket. This bet allows you to combine different bets on the same ticket.

20-spot Ticket

This ticket is only offered with a particular type of keno. This keno game takes place on a board of 40 numbers rather than the traditional 80. The 20-spot bet involves choosing 20 numbers from the board of 40.

Here are the main rules for this unusual keno bet:

  • Match 2,3 or 7 numbers to receive your money back
  • Match 1, 4,5, or 6 numbers and get nothing at all
  • Match no numbers and receive some kind of prize
  • The jackpot is won when you match at least 19 numbers

King Ticket

With this bet, you choose one number on the board of 80 to be the king number. This number is then used in combination with other bets.

Odd/even Ticket

A pretty self-explanatory bet where you choose whether more odd or more even numbers will be drawn.

Keno Tips

Keno is principally a game of chance, there is no denying that. However, there are certain tips and tricks to take on board to maximise your chances of scooping a big prize.

First things first

Keno Ticket And BallsHold your horses! Before you begin with any keno game, a couple of things to establish. Firstly, which keno game are you playing?

Are you playing the standard 80 ball game or a variation of the classic game? Also, how many numbers do you want to choose?

Ask yourself these questions once you have loaded up an online keno game at a casino:

  • Is this the particular keno game I want to play?
  • Out of the typical 20 balls which are drawn, how many numbers do I want to choose? Have I adjusted this accordingly on the game?

Also, ensure that you know the payouts which are offered at the casino. Keno pay-out rates vary quite considerably among different online casinos. It definitely pays to have a little browse around the marketplace.

Usually, keno players will have their favourite strategies and ways of playing the game, at least once they have grown accustomed to the ins and outs of keno. It is a good idea to shop around to establish which casinos offer the best bang for your back in relation to your particular style of playing the game.

Keno Strategies

The points above act as guidelines rather than strategies and tips so to speak. So, what are some keno tips and strategies we hear you ask. Well, look no further!

1. Picking more numbers will probably work against you

Keno Lobby

At first, it might seem logical to attempt to guess more numbers. The more numbers you try and guess, the more chance you have of matching some,

right? Well, it doesn’t quite work like that. The prizes relative to the numbers you match adjusts depending on how many numbers you have opted to choose.

So, for example, if you choose nine numbers with a classic keno ticket, you will barely win any money if you match 3 balls. However, match 3 balls when you choose 5 or 6 numbers and the prize will be much healthier. So, essentially, prizes are all based on probability.

The lesson here is that choosing more numbers definitely doesn’t guarantee you will win more money. A good middle ground is to guess 5,6 or 7 numbers, and any more than 9 should be avoided.

2. Consecutive numbers are your friend

A good, simple tactic to employ when playing keno is choosing consecutive numbers. Although random number picking can be well, random, if you pick two random consecutive numbers, your chances of winning increase.

3. Changing numbers is a recipe to lose

We have all been there. One game, another game, and your casino bank balance is dwindling, as well as your hope and faith. You may be asking yourself whether you walked under several ladders over the past few days.

In such times, it can be tempting to alter things quite drastically. Well, keno is not the game for drastic measures. In short, keep your faith and keep your numbers. If you’re changing your numbers with every game of keno, you are likely to decrease your chances of matching numbers.

4. Try demo games first

Trying your luck at demo games is a good idea with any casino game and with keno, this is no different.

You can practice using the tips in this section and get a proper feel for the game, without the risk and worry of losing money. In fact, it can be a liberating way of playing keno!

Also, you can try different keno tickets and bets and find out which ones you prefer, rather than determining all of this with real money at stake.

The History of Online Keno

Keno’s roots can be traced back to a variant of the game which was played in China. The legend is that the invention of keno saved an ancient Chinese city from ruin in the time of war, whilst also raising funds to build the iconic Great Wall of China.

The first record of Chinese keno/lottery games was in 1847, after the Portuguese government of Macau granted licences to keno/lottery operators.

The players of the time used sheets with 80 Chinese character symbols printed on them. These symbols comprised of the first 80 characters of the Chinese poem, Thousand Character Classic.

Keno SignThe Western world was introduced to keno in the 19th century by Chinese immigrants who helped to build the First Transcontinental Railroad in the USA.

The game quickly caught on and become a popular gambling game on American shores. By 1866, enthusiasts of the game in Texas began to label it as keno, and so it remained.

Keno remains a popular game at brick-and-mortar casinos, particularly American establishments. Whilst not quite as popular as the likes of poker, roulette and blackjack, keno is still loved for its simplicity and ease of playing.

Online Keno

As online gambling began to develop, classic casino games became the foundations of online casino rosters. Keno quickly became an online casino game option, bringing the fun of the traditional casino keno directly to screens of gamblers worldwide.

There is usually at least one variation of keno at most reasonably sized online casinos.

Keno – The Ultimate Game of Chance

Of course, all casino games involve an element of luck, but probably none more so than keno. There is no denying that keno is a game of chance, rather than skill.

Still, keno is a game which can certainly be exciting, and can build a lot of suspense too! With huge amounts of money up for grabs, keno is a great game to try your luck at.

This online keno guide has all the information you need to get started on your keno adventure, so why not play a game today?