How to Play Blackjack Switch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blackjack Switch is an exciting variation of Blackjack where each player gets to play with two hands.

Some games of Blackjack Switch will follow the dealing rules of either European or American Blackjack, so watch out for that. Otherwise, all the other Blackjack gameplay features – double down, split – are still possible in a game of Switch.

Here’s the basic gist of a game of Blackjack Switch:

  • Place 2 identical bets on the 2 betting spots in front of you
  • The dealer deals you two hands: 4 cards total, each in pairs of 2
  • Dealer will ask if you want to switch your top two cards
  • You can choose to split any pairs, or double down
  • Dealer deals the hole card to themselves, which determines the winner
  • All winning bets are paid 1:1

Switching Cards

blackjack switchThis is the main characteristic of a game of Switch, as the name implies.

Seeing as you’re playing with two hands, you want to maximize the winning odds of each hand. Switching the top cards on each hand involves calculating whether your hands would benefit from it and whether each resulting hand has good odds of reaching 21.

For instance, let’s say you have a 4 and 10 in one hand, and a King and 2 in the other. Obviously, switching, in this case, would allow you to put the 10 and King in one hand. Bringing that hand’s score up to 20!

Having low-score hands is also a good way to strategize. With a low hand, you can choose to take hits or double down.

Dealer Scores at 22: All Bets are Pushed

Another specificity of Blackjack Switch is that the dealer will “push” all bets if their own score adds up to 22.

Say you have 19 and 21 as your card scores. If the dealer hits 22, instead of winning, you will simply keep your bet and start another game.

This technically means that the dealer has an extra advantage than in classic Blackjack. In a game of classic Blackjack,  all the players’ bets would get paid if the dealer went over 21.

Option Side-Wager: The Supermatch

Next to your usual betting circles, you will have an optional betting space for your Supermatch bet. This bet is based on what you get when you are dealt your 4 cards at the start of the game.

If you have any of these in your hands, here’s what you stand to gain from the Supermatch bet:

  • A pair: pays 1:1
  • Three of a kind:  5:1
  • Two pairs: 7:1
  • Four exact same cards: 50:1

If you have none of the above, then you will lose your Supermatch bet. And the game will continue.