Spanish 21 Blackjack – Rules, Strategies & Where to Gamble

Guide to Spanish 21 Feature ImageMuch like classic Blackjack, Spanish 21 holds loads of similar features and functions. However, the aspects that do set it apart have made it soar to popularity since its inception in land-based casinos in 1995.

Now that it is also offered on online casinos, it has risen in the ranks as one of the best Blackjack variations out there. To understand Spanish 21 Blackjack, there are only a few things to bear in mind.

This game is played with 6 to 8 decks of cards with each deck holding 48 cards. The deck does not have any cards of ten. The player has the priority and always beats the dealer in a 21 tie.

And the best part? The house edge for Spanish 21 Blackjack falls as low as 0.4% if you have a good strategy in place.

How to Play Spanish 21 Blackjack

To get started, it is important to get a hold of the basic rules. While the player’s 21 beats the dealers 21, the dealer has the choice of hitting or standing on a soft 17. The late surrender rule allows you to surrender your hand a little later giving you the chance to forfeit your hand and cut your losses by half.

Hitting, standing and splitting are just the same as any other Blackjack game. But in Spanish 21 Blackjack, you can choose to split aces or re-split a pair. You may also double or re-double any pair and take advantage of the “Match the Dealer Side Bet Rule” and the “Super Bonus Rule”.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Strategy

live blackjackGetting ahead and staying ahead in a game of Spanish 21 Blackjack requires a good strategy. Formulating your strategy can be easily done using an online Spanish 21 Blackjack Strategy Chart. This will teach you to use the proper moves in no time.

Another way to make sure you do not lose too much in a game, is to watch your bets. For starters, do not draw for the bonus payouts no matter how tempted you may be and try to avoid making Match the Dealer Side Bets.

These are relatively risky and increase the chances of you leaving empty-handed. Another thing to avoid is surrendering too frequently. If over-used, it can be less profitable in the long run.

Where to Play Spanish 21 Blackjack

Just like in the traditional brick-and-mortar world, choosing the right casino can make all the difference. In the real world, we seek great ambience, excellent customer service, lower house edges and lucrative promotions.

Well, we have wonderful news for you. You can find all this and more at 888 Casino. Offering some of the best Microgaming creations, playing Spanish 21 Blackjack here is bound to be memorable and oh-so-rewarding.

To kick-start your game, 888 Casino has a staggering welcome bonus that amounts to about £150. As a rule of thumb, the house edge of Spanish 21 Blackjack will be considerably lower than the house edge of regular Blackjack. So play to your heart’s content and laugh all the way to the bank.