Perfect Pairs Blackjack – Guide: How to Play the Card Game

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Feature ImageThe greatest gift conventional Blackjack has given us in the digital age far surpasses it just being a great game. The variations of Blackjack have turned out to be some of the most fulfilling and at the top of our list is none other than Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Gaining popularity in the world of online casinos, this online Blackjack variant is rather similar to Vegas Strip Blackjack. The perks of the differences it has from the conventional game offers loads of opportunities for fun and big wins. It really is very simple and once you get the hang of it, there is no stopping you!

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The rules are as easy as they come. Think original Blackjack, but this time you have to keep an eye out for pairs. What this means is you get to make one more additional bet whenever two cards in your initial hand turn out to be a pair.

The rest is all in the books with you having to make sure that your deck does not exceed a total value of 21 and yet has more points than the dealer. In perfect pairs, the chance to make that additional bet also gives you an additional chance to win.

After your initial hand, all you have to remember is that there are three types of pairs for you to receive. These are the mixed pairs, coloured pairs and perfect pair. A mixed pair is when you have two cards of different suits and colours but the same rank.

A coloured pair, as the name implies, is when you have two of the same colour and rank but different suits. A perfect pair is when you have two cards of the same suit, same colour and same rank.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Big WinWhen playing a round of Perfect Pairs Blackjack, it is important to keep the house edge in mind. Most casinos offer a house edge between 2% to 11%.

A perfect pair has a probability of emerging once every 60 hands. Getting the math right can take you a long way in estimating the way your game is going to play out and give you a good grasp on how to bet.

Besides having the calculations on your side, there is another surefire way to succeed in Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Set aside a separate bankroll keeping it equal to the payout for a perfect pair.

By setting aside that amount for the perfect pair bet, your chances of winning more during the first 25 hands increases and if all else fails, at least the loss would not be too detrimental to your pocket.

Where to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Microgaming’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack is about the best there is in the industry. Although Microgaming works hand in hand with many other online casinos, we have handpicked one that is bound to deliver the best service alongside top-notch gaming.

Bovada Casino is among the crème de la crème when it comes to this Blackjack variant. The site has loads of awesome bonuses and promotions including a welcome bonus that could get you up to £400!

The round the clock live chat, fantastic gaming interface and super secure SSL encryption is also bound to guarantee you a wonderful session.