Free Bet Blackjack 2020 – How it Works Online

free bet blackjackIf you want to play for free, this is the closest you’ll get to wagering almost nothing to play blackjack. And you can still get huge bonus earnings!

Basically, free bet blackjack is a game where the casino (aka “the house”) offers to pay for the player’s in-game actions. This mostly concerns splitting and doubling.

That way, you don’t have to risk your own money when doubling down, or splitting your pairs.

There are a couple of catches to keep in mind. As we’ll explain further down, all bets will get pushed if the dealer has a total card score of 22. Also, free bet games are typically “no surrender” games.

But first, let’s check out how those free bets really work.

Free Bet Blackjack: What’s What

House Pays for Your Doubles

Doubling down in blackjack refers to when a player wants to double their bet, and take just one hit. This can be a great way to maximize earnings if you think you can get a great score with just one extra card.

In free bet blackjack, instead of doubling your bet out of your own pocket, the house will double your bet for you. You’ll get a free bet chip to put next to your regular chips.

The house can do this only if you have the following two-card hard totals: 9, 10, and 11.

If the dealer wins, the only real money you’re losing is your original wager. And if your hand gets pushed, you get back only your original wager.

If you win, however, you get both your original bet back + the value of the free chip + 1:1 earnings! So in total, you get your original wager x3.

House Pays for You to Split Your Pairs

If you get a pair in regular blackjack, you can split it so that you’re playing with 2 hands. In that scenario, you place an extra bet, identical to your original bet, on your new hand.

In free bet blackjack, the house pays for that extra bet. They will do this for all split pairs except 10-value cards. (Which is understandable, because who would split up a 20?)

So, your original bet stays on one hand, and the free bet chip is attributed to the other. You may also re-split for free if you get more pairs. And double down for free, too!

All Bets Pushed if Dealer Busts at 22

Like in Blackjack Switch, the dealer has an advantage over the player in this variant of blackjack.

Normally, if the dealer’s final card score goes over 21, the players win. But in free bet blackjack, if the dealer scores a 22, you will get your initial bets back and all free bets will vanish.