Elimination Blackjack – How to Play & Strategy

Elimination Blackjack Guide Feature ImageIn a regular game of Blackjack, playing against the dealer is the highlight of the show. It is all about you and the dealer and the other players at the table are mere comrades in a quest to win as much money as possible.

What if we told you that there is a way to play Blackjack and beat not just the dealer but the other players too? Do we have your attention?

Elimination Blackjack is a variation of the well-loved classic game that is bound to satisfy your competitive streak. The main thrill of this game is to be the last one standing and the ultimate winner of the Blackjack game at hand.

How to Play Elimination Blackjack

The rules are as easy as they come. If you already are a regular Blackjack player, you would know that the whole point of the game is to get a higher value than the dealer as long as it does not exceed 21. Exceeding 21 means you lose and the dealer wins.

In Elimination Blackjack, there are a few twists to the game. Here is how the games goes.

  • All players start with the same number of chips.
  • A shoe of six 52-deck cards will then be used.
  • The maximum number of hands played are 30 so the winner is decided as the one with the most number of chips at the 30th hand.

The dealer stands on a hard 17 but hits on a soft 17. When playing, if you have a pair you get to split up to 4 times or double down. There are also secret bets at regular intervals for you to take advantage of.

Elimination Blackjack Strategy

Now nothing beats good old practice when it comes to winning at Blackjack. In Elimination Blackjack, the stakes are much higher and the game more aggressive.

If you want to stay in the game and win big one great way to keep abreast is to get your hands on a strategy chart. These charts are available online at any reputable site and can give you great insight on being an excellent player.

Besides mastering the strategy, the methods you use while playing can also have an impact. Try matching your competitor’s initial bet instead of overshooting or underplaying yourself. Then choose your move wisely.

In Elimination Blackjack, players usually have to decide if they want to Hit, Stand, Split Surrender or Double Down within 25 seconds. This is where your practice comes in handy!

It is also important to think in the short-term rather than the long term. Try to cut your losses immediately rather than risking it all in a bad shoe.

Where to Play Elimination Blackjack

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Now that you know the basics of Elimination Blackjack, go ahead and get in touch with your wild side!