Double Attack Blackjack 2020 – Learn to Play & Where to Gamble

Double Attack Blackjack Feature ImageAs far as spin-offs go, Double Attack Blackjack may be one of the most exciting to date. Just like with Pontoon and Spanish 21 Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack is also played using Spanish decks of cards which do not have tens.

Each deck has a total of 48 cards. This variation is slick, fast and bold as a Blackjack game. Over the years, Double Attack Blackjack has won the hearts of both classic game fans and newcomers with a taste for adventure.

How to Play Double Attack Blackjack

The gist of it is pretty standard. As a player, your goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. If you do exceed it, you lose and even if you do not exceed it, your dealer may win if they have higher points than you. In Double Attack Blackjack, however, you get to place another “double attack” bet after the initial bet.

The dealer always has to stand on a soft 17. You can choose to hit or stand as per usual Blackjack. When splitting, it would be interesting to remember that you can re-split up to 4 times and you also have options to Double Down, Surrender or take Insurance. There is also the exciting “Bust It” side bet that allows you to bet on whether the dealer will bust with precisely 3 cards.

Double Attack Blackjack Strategy

Getting your hands on a standard Blackjack strategy chart can do wonders for improving your chances at the game. While you may not need to memorise it through and through, having it by your side as you practice can have you making better decisions and winning more. Generally, the tips of regular Blackjack apply.

Double down if you have 9, 10 or 11, split Aces and never hit once you are at 17. Another great tactical move is to use the Double Attack bet when your dealer’s cards are between 2 to 8. You can also take Insurance if you do not have 10-value cards in the field.

Where to Play Double Attack Blackjack

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