Chinese Blackjack 2020 – Guide on How to Play the Game Online

Chinese Blackjack Guide Feature ImageAlready a Blackjack player and looking for the ultimate challenge? Try your luck with Chinese Blackjack! This variant of the classic game goes by many names and is a native of South Asian countries.

Some of the terms it goes by are Hokkien, 21-point, Ban-Nag or Ban-Luk. The game has intrigued thousands over the years, because it goes by luck more than it does by skill. Even the most skilled Blackjack players can find themselves in the face of loss with this unpredictable and endlessly titillating game.

Read on to find out more about Chinese Blackjack and how you can get the best out of it without having to travel all the way to Asia!

How to Play Chinese Blackjack

This variation has many similar features to regular Blackjack but there are several key differences to take note of. In Chinese Blackjack, if you have two Aces it is known as a ban-ban and a ban-nag is when you have an Ace and a card with a value of 10.

If you have a total of 15, you have a free hand and can choose to stop playing. A 5-Dragon is when you have five cards without busting.

If your dealer is the one holding a 5-Dragon, all players have to double their initial bet and pay the dealer. If the dealer has five cards amounting to 21, players are required to triple their initial bet and pay up!

Chinese Blackjack Strategy

Usually, in Chinese Blackjack the house has the greater advantage over the players. This exotic game is a wildcard by nature and there is no amount of strategy that can lead to sure-fire wins.

What can turn out to be useful for you is the math of it all. Getting your math right can give you an advantageous take on the odds.

When you have a ban-ban, your payout could be 3:1 and if your dealer has a ban-ban your bet is tripled and the dealer wins. If both player and dealer have a ban-ban the payout is a tie with 1:1. A ban-nag’s payout is 2:1 and a win over all the other cards except a ban-ban.

In case of a pair, you get 2:1 of your initial bet and the same payout ratio applies to a 5-Dragon. Keeping these odds in mind will give you a general idea of when to hit or stand. Other than that, it all depends on Lady Luck!

Where to Play Chinese Blackjack

Bet365 Casino Feature ImageFinding Chinese Blackjack online is actually an arduous task. The game is not offered on many platforms because of its sheer uniqueness and risqué nature.

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