How to Win In Bingo – The Is Your New Strategy

Bingo BallsBingo has been a permanent fixture of the online casino landscape, attracting a loyal following of players who cannot get enough of the famous number crossing game.

There is no doubt that bingo is not exactly a game requiring masterful cognition. Nevertheless, you might be asking yourself, how to win bingo? In this article, we detail some handy bingo tips and strategies to keep in mind when playing online bingo.

Bingo Rules

Let’s start with the bingo rules. The good news is that they are very simple to understand.

You begin by choosing how many tickets you would like to purchase. Usually, there are 15 numbers on each ticket.

The game then begins. Numbers are called out one at a time, and players cross off numbers from their ticket once they are called.

There are three prizes to be won in each bingo game:

  • The first person to have all their numbers called on a horizontal line wins the 1 prize line
  • The first person to have all their numbers called on two horizontal lines wins the 2 prize line
  • The first person to have all their numbers called out on their ticket wins the house or bingo main prize

As a result of its simplicity, bingo is a great game for beginners. It’s also the type of game you can have a casual few games on, without investing too much energy into it. And, you are always in with a shot of winning extraordinary amounts of money!

How to Win Bingo

First, the bad news. There is no deep secret. Shhh.

At its core, bingo is a game of chance, so, ultimately, your chances of winning are based on luck.

Still, don’t think that there aren’t little tips and tricks which you can use to maximise your chances of winning, find the best casino suited to your needs and also establish what your bingo strategy will be.

1. Know Your Online Bingo Budget

This is a tip which can be used for any casino game, whether it’s slots, instant win games, classic computerised casino table games or live casino games. Keep the following mantra in mind like a wise old sage, know my budget.

Bingo CardsReally, bingo should be a fun game to play. Investing all your eggs in the bingo basket is probably going to be a road to frustration. Bingo shouldn’t be a frustrating game to play!

Simply put, work out what you can reasonably afford to use and stick with that. Playing without the worry of having overspent is always a better feeling than knowing you are digging into money you can’t really afford to spend.

2. Look for Good Bingo bonuses

As you know, bonuses and promotions are a key ingredient to the recipe of any self-respecting casino. To maximise your bingo budget, sourcing the net for some good bingo bonuses is a great idea.

Matched first deposit bonuses are a very common part of welcome packages at online casinos. If the casino offers bingo games, you will usually be able to use this bonus money for some free bingo action. How great is that?

Also, some casinos will offer regular promotions specifically for their bingo games as well as other general bonuses which can be applied to bingo games.

Bingo bonuses and promotions signal one thing: free bingo games!

3. Choose a Bingo Casino Which Fits Your Needs

Some bingo players enjoy an occasional, casual game or two of bingo, whereas others are more like bingo veterans with years of experience in the bank. Different bingo casinos will be better suited to different types of players.

In short, look for a casino which best fits your needs and offers you the best value in relation to how you like to, or want to, play bingo.

4. Get Some Real experience

Bingo Card And BallsThere can be no substitute for experience. One of the best ways to get a feel for the wonderful world of online bingo is to try out some demo games. Demo bingo games provide the opportunity to try out bingo without any money invested in the outcome.

Also, with no money riding on your game, you can enjoy bingo in the most free-spirited way, whilst gaining experience at the same time.

5. Buy More Tickets

If you have a bit of money to spend, it can pay to buy more tickets. The more tickets you can afford to buy, the higher your chances of winning. With two tickets in one bingo game rather than one, you double your chances of winning.

However, don’t go overboard!

At the end of the day, only one ticket wins. You could end up buying the maximum amount of tickets and still lose, which is more money spent with no return.

It certainly pays to buy more than one ticket but buying the maximum or near to the maximum for every bingo round is not a good bingo strategy.

6. Play With Fewer Players

Bingo Cards And MarkerA good bingo strategy is to play bingo games with fewer players. In fixed amount bingo games the prizes do not alter according to the number of players playing.

Therefore, a good tactic is to play these games at off-peak hours when fewer players are playing. This provides you with more chance of winning the same amount of money as would be in play with more players in the game.