Super-Pan 9 Baccarat – How to Play the Casino Card Game Online

super pan 9 baccaratYou will find games of Super-Pan 9 with varying rules from one casino the next. We’ve seen some tables play with the 10s taken out and others that only have Ace-6 and face cards in play.

But the main goal and gameplay in Super-Pan 9 is thankfully quite similar to a game of regular baccarat. Each player is still meant to reach a total card score as close to 9 as possible.

The role of the banker and players are where the game differs slightly. Let’s check it out.

Game Rules in Super-Pan 9

In the online version of Super-Pan 9, players take turns to shoulder the role of the banker. At the beginning of each game, one player gets designated as that role.

To open the game, all players except the banker must place wagers within the limits of the minimum/maximum bets that are specified per table.

Once bets are placed, everyone (banker included) is given 3 cards. According to their total card scores, each player can then choose to either stand or draw one more card.

The banker may only act after all other players have chosen whether to stand or take a hit. When playing online, player hands are all calculated automatically according to general baccarat rules & card values.

Here’s where it gets interesting, at least for the banker.

  • Player wins: 1:1 even money
  • Banker wins: collects everyone’s bets!
  • Tie = push, everyone’s bets are returned to them.

Card Values in Super-Pan 9

Just as a quick reminder in terms of Super-Pan 9 card values: these are the same as for regular baccarat. Once again, you’ll find certain cards won’t even be in play in versions of Super-Pan 9, like the 10 card.

  • Ace: 1pt
  • 2-9: face value
  • 10: 0pts
  • Face cards: 0pts

How to Optimize your Strategy in Super-Pan 9

The only real “strategy” that you can implement in Super-Pan 9 is choosing when to hit or stand. A little like in Blackjack.

“Hitting” here means to be dealt an additional card. Players are generally encouraged to hit if their total card score adds up to 0-5. If the score is between 6-9, then players should stand.

When it comes to the banker strategy, it all depends on what the players are doing.

If the player hits, you should hit at 0-5pts, and stand at 6-9pts. But if the player stands, then you should hit at 0-6 and stand at 7-9.