Casino Match Bonus UK 2020 – Best First Deposit Reward Online

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Casino match bonuses are the most widespread and popular casino bonuses online. Who wouldn’t like to get more money than they actually deposited into their accounts?

That’s what a deposit match bonus does, and this is why people can’t get enough of them.

Through deposit match bonuses, you could double or even triple your initial deposit.

Casino match bonuses are very simple, yet very effective.

What Are Casino Match Bonuses?

Casino match bonuses are all to do with deposits which you make. Essentially, the casino matches whatever your deposit is up to a certain percentage.

These bonuses are extremely common. Some form of a match bonus will almost always be part of a welcome bonus package.

However, deposit match bonuses aren’t specifically reserved for new players. Online casinos regularly offer deposit match bonuses to existing players too.

How Do They Work?

Deposit bonus matches are usually based on percentages, as we mentioned above.

They come in different forms, but the most common of all is a 100% matched deposit bonus up to a certain amount of money. 

So, with a 100% matched deposit bonus, you receive double of whatever your initial deposit was.

Other common deposit bonuses include 50%, 150% and 200% matched bonuses.

How Do I Get Them?

Usually, it’s as simple as just making a deposit and making sure the deposit matches at least the minimum amount which is specified.

Also, be sure that you have clicked any relevant links to confirm you wish to receive the bonus, whether you are a new player at the casino or a current player.

Once that deposit is made, you should be notified that you have been rewarded with a match bonus.

Different Types of Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

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Deposit match bonuses were generally higher in previous years.

Still, you can find some good offers in the present day. For example, 200% match bonuses are still quite prevalent.

Quite often it is actually more profitable in the long-run to take advantage of frequent deposit bonus matches rather than one huge deposit bonus match anyway.

Casino match bonuses are frequent online. So, many players use them on a regular basis.

200% Match Bonus Offers

Deposit bonus matches of 200% are not as widespread as they used to be but if you look hard enough, you can still find them.

If you want to experience such a bonus on your own, check out Touch Lucky’s current welcome bonus package.

Our welcome bonus package comes in three parts and is as follows:

100% Match Bonus Offers

100% match bonuses, also known as ‘double your deposit’, are the most common match deposit bonuses.

The idea here is simple – whatever you deposit, the casino rewards you with the same amount on top, up to a certain amount.

100% matched deposit bonuses are frequently offered as a part of welcome bonus packages.

50% Match Bonus Offers

50% deposit match bonuses are not quite as valuable as the previously mentioned bonuses.

However, the amount of money which the 50% deposit bonus match goes up to is usually higher.

From small depositors to high rollers who deposit in hundreds, everyone can find a casino match bonus to suit their needs.

The TouchLucky Welcome Bonus Package

Here at TouchLucky, we have an excellent welcome bonus package for our new customers. And, it incorporates all of the casino match bonuses we have just described.

Here it is in full:

  • 200% matched first deposit bonus up to £50 and 50 free spins on Starburst
  • 100% matched second deposit bonus up to £200
  • 50% matched third deposit bonus up to £250

Casino Match Bonus Pros

A deposit match bonus is certainly a good bonus option, even if it looks like a simple choice.

The pros of deposit match bonuses:

  • Receive more money in your account than you actually deposited
  • You have free money to play with in any way you see fit
  • You can try out lots of different games without wagering your own money
  • Generally speaking, you can use the bonus on a much wider range of games than other bonuses such as free spin bonuses
  • A profit can be made if you play your cards right

Deposit Bonuses Everywhere You Go

You have probably realised by now that casino deposit promotions are offered everywhere.

In fact, if an online casino doesn’t have any of them, it could hardly be called a casino at all.

Deposit bonus matches are ubiquitous, and you simply won’t have a problem finding such offers.

What to Look Out for – Terms and Conditions

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Like all casino promotions, the matches come with certain terms and conditions. However, we wouldn’t call this a disadvantage as pretty much all bonuses come with conditions attached.  

There are certain things which you ought to be aware of with deposit match bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

Almost always, you will need to fulfil wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings which come from the bonus.

Wagering requirements vary from casino to casino. You can expect wagering requirements of at least 20x, but often this is higher.

What are wagering requirements you might be asking. Let’s give you an example.

If the wagering requirements are 20x and you have received a £10 bonus, you will need to wager the bonus 20x. So, 10 x 20 = £200 which must be wagered before any winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn.

Wagering Contributions

Another thing to be aware of related to wagering requirements is the wagering contributions.

Certain games won’t apply 100% to wagering requirements which means that if you wager your money on such games, that money won’t go fully towards the wagering requirements you are seeking to fulfil.

Some games might not contribute any percentage whatsoever towards wagering requirements, whereas others might contribute a low percentage.

If you are specifically looking for fulfil wagering requirements, make sure you choose to play the games which contribute 100% towards them.

Choosing the Best Casino Match Bonuses

Generally speaking, we would advise you to choose the match bonuses which have the lowest wagering requirements attached to them.

The lower the wagering requirements, the less you will have to deposit to actually get your hands on the bonus winnings.

Other Points to Keep in Mind

Also, it is worth keeping the following points in mind:

  • A minimum deposit will always be required
  • Winnings coming from the bonus will be capped
  • After a certain period of time, the bonus will expire. This means you must fulfil the wagering requirements by this date in order to withdraw any bonus winnings
  • Certain depositing methods such as e-wallet payments may be exempt from the bonus

That’s everything you need to know about casino match bonuses. They are widespread throughout the industry and remain one of the most popular casino bonuses of all.

Just make sure you read the small print of any casino deposit bonus to make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up to.

With that in mind, it’s time to get playing.