Loyalty Bonus at Casinos 2020 – The VIP Rewarded Online Gambler

Looking for some amazing loyalty bonus offers? As long as your casino has a loyalty scheme, you’re probably on the right track. Once you earn the casino operator’s trust, you can enjoy an exclusive VIP treatment.

  • Loyalty bonuses come in many types
  • The more and longer you play casino games on a single site, the better loyalty treatment you get
  • The most loyal gamblers gain access to the VIP casino sections
  • You could save thousands over time

But where do these bonuses come from?

A lot of online casino gambling revolves around promotions, bonuses and free spins. People seek various bonus offers all the time. With them, gambling is more lucrative and safer in the long run.

Online and mobile casinos know this and offer various bonuses frequently too. While the casinos don’t give away more than they earn, there’s a huge difference between playing with bonuses and without them.

Some of the most popular bonuses are the welcome bonuses. However, these end as soon as a new player takes them. But what if the players come back to play again? Instead of the new account bonuses, the casinos then give returning bonuses instead.

All About Casino Loyalty Bonus for Returning Players

However, that would not be ideal for the gambling businesses and industry as a whole. So, returning player bonuses outweigh that in a way that it becomes more lucrative for the gambler.

Usually, the bonuses get better the more time and money a player spends at an online casino. This eventually turns into VIP bonuses and promotions. And that’s where the real fun begins.

Compared to the welcome bonuses, VIP schemes and exclusive offers are way better. The most loyal players can enjoy huge bonuses as well as personal attention from the house. The attention that has many benefits, of course.

Loyalty bonuses are better than the usual bonuses. Here are some examples below.

VIP Bonuses and Casino Loyalty Treatment

casino loyalty bonusThere’s a reason why these bonuses are only given to the most active players. They deserve these bonuses. And since the VIP promotions or gifts are exclusive, they’re always better than the usual bonuses.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel like an achievement for a loyal player at all. So, casinos make sure to give access to more bonuses, better terms or larger amounts of free spins.

What’s more, the most beloved players get much more than just bonuses. They gain access to things that no regular gamblers could dream of:

  • Improved deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Faster payouts
  • Personal support
  • Personal account manager
  • Exclusive invitations to real life VIP events
  • Exclusive games and software
  • Other advantages

So, if you weren’t convinced before, these advantages should really set your mind in motion.

Exclusive VIP Promotions

The very first thing that a returning player can hope to find at their casino is an exclusive offer. It usually starts as an additional bonus, an extra promotion or some more of the usual bonuses.

However, you’ll get better deals as you play more and more. Once you become a real VIP player of that casino, you can find some really amazing promotions, ones that are accessible to a few players, but yourself.

As to the contents of these promotions, they can vary a lot. Each casino comes up with unique ways to say thanks to their most loyal players. The bonuses you can get for returning so often can be:

  • Weekly free spins
  • Special days of the week/month with bonuses
  • Regular deposit matches
  • Automatically applied bonuses (such as reload bonuses, cash back, etc)
  • Cash rebates
  • VIP points that you can convert to cash
  • Exclusive events and tournaments with various prizes

Loyalty Bonus Cash Back Offers

A usual part of the loyalty programme at an online or mobile casino is cash back. It’s emphasised in the loyalty schemes that have tiers. For example, things like:

  • Bronze, silver, gold, platinum memberships
  • Pro, expert, master accounts or similar

In a levelled system like that, cash back is often the main bonus that sets these tiers apart. The better or higher the tier, the higher the cash back bonus. Sometimes reaching up to 40% cash back every month, these regular prizes are really worth the effort.

Improved Casino Experience

Finally, there are some things that truly feel VIP. Other players have no way to access them, making loyalty a totally exclusive and lucrative way of gameplay.

For example, many high roller casinos with VIP programmes have personal account managers. Whenever someone becomes a VIP, they get a casino agent to help manage their account and balance.

Plus, a loyalty treatment could include a personal and much faster support service. Speed seems to be a valued resource, more so for people who gamble on the go.

Aside from the fast support, loyalty benefits often increase the withdrawal speed. With the high-tier VIP account, you could be waiting less than an hour for your winnings. And then, there are:

  1. Increased transaction limits
  2. Decreased wagering requirements for regular bonuses
  3. Extra time for meeting the turnover requirements

There are more benefits to loyalty than just extra promotions. They result in an improved casino experience.

How to Become a Casino VIP Player?

All this sounds great in theory. It may sound so good that one could think it very difficult to unlock such bonuses. However, they aren’t that hard to access at times.

The thing is, different casinos have different policies for awarding loyalty benefits. Some have strict rules on how much you have to deposit or gamble to unlock something like that.

On the other hand, many casinos don’t tell you how to become a ‘loyal’ player. In those cases, you simply have to play on the casino. Once you have gambled enough, you get an invitation to the exclusive club.

So, there is no single rule as to how to reach the VIP status. For that, you should refer to each casino’s loyalty programmes, often found among their regular promotions.

We can only guarantee one thing: if you like to gamble quite a lot and do that often, stick to one casino. That will undoubtedly bring the operator’s attention to you.

Once you stick to one casino, these amazing casino loyalty bonus offers are easy to get!