WebMoney Casinos UK 2020 – Guide: Best Online Gambling Sites

webmoney casinosWebMoney casinos come in many shapes and sizes. However, they all have one thing in common. That is, of course, the fact that they accept casino payments using WebMoney platform.

The platform itself is usually used for the WebMoney e-wallet when it comes to online gambling. As such, it is similar to many other online e-wallets, though there are some differences too.

Should You Choose WebMoney Casinos?

One of the main features of WebMoney is the ability to use multiple wallets. They allow you to have money in different currencies or just use them for different income or payments.

Aside from that, WebMoney has many other advantages usual to e-wallets. Yet at the same time, some casino players dislike the downsides that this e-wallet didn’t overcome.

Pros of WebMoney Casino Banking

  • Flexible in ways you can top up your e-wallet
  • Allows both deposits and withdrawals
  • The service is encrypted and secure, ensuring your money and data safety
  • You can use WebMoney for all kinds of operations outside of online gambling too

Cons of WebMoney Banking

  • Requires registration and setting up the wallet if you don’t have it yet
  • Must top up the e-wallet before depositing
  • Has an inbuilt 0.8% fee on all payments into the wallet

Like all e-wallets, this payment method has both positive and negative sides.

Deposit With WebMoney

At first, setting up WebMoney might look tricky. However, it gets very simple once you’re through the initial process.

When starting out, you will need to create an account. This includes providing some basic info about yourself and creating a password. You’ll then get an ID number to authorize many operations within the system, such as an e-wallet creation.

Once you have an e-wallet, you’ll need to deposit some money into it. Only then will you be able to use it at WebMoney casinos. Luckily, the remaining part is simple. Just choose the method at casino depositing screen and follow the instructions.

Once you have a wallet set up, using WebMoney is a piece of cake.