Paysafecard Casinos 2020 – A popular online gambling method in UK

Paysafecard is a very popular casino payment method offered by numerous casinos. That says something in itself for the credibility of the service, but is it a payment method you should consider using?

Well, we give the lowdown on Paysafecard and Paysafecard casinos in this article, which we hope will shed some further light on the payment service and allow you to make a decision one way or the other.

Paysafecard Casinos History

Paysafecard is a payment service which emerged in 2015, but its origins stretch back further than that. Does Ukash ring any bells? To the old timers among you, we suspect it will.

Ukash was a popular payment service founded in 2005 which allowed players to exchange cash for a unique and secure code to make payments online. Ukash was bought by the popular e-wallet Skrill, who also took ownership of Paysafecard a year earlier. Subsequently, Ukash merged with Paysafecard.

How To Deposit With Paysafecard

Some of you might be under the impression that using Paysafecard will be a troubling and long process. Well, fear not, we are here to tell you that is not the case, not even slightly!

It’s actually one of the easiest methods of depositing and requires little effort. It all involves acquiring a code which isn’t as James Bond-esque as it might sound.

  1. Buy a Paysafecard voucher either online or at a store
  2. Head to your Paysafecard casino of choice
  3. Select the deposit option at the casino
  4. Opt for the Paysafecard option and enter the 16-digit unique code of your voucher
  5. That’s it. The money will be in your casino bank balance ready to use

Paysafecard vouchers can be bought in fixed amounts, which made us a little nostalgic fondly remembering mobile top-up vouchers way back when. The following denomiantions – £10, £25, £50 and £100 vouchers – are available to use at Paysafecard casinos.

It’s also worth noting that using Paysafecard is a safer and more secure casino payment method than a card payment. Card payments require you to enter your card details and your full address.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your casino account hacked, the hacker will have access to your card and address. By contrast, a Paysafecard payment simply involves entering a code, meaning an anonymous transaction.

Who Should Use Paysafecard At Casinos?

Of course, depositing with a Paysafecard voucher rather than a standard card or e-wallet means the amount you can deposit is fixed at the value of the voucher. Still, if you wish to deposit more, most casinos will allow you to deposit multiple Paysafecard vouchers.

The great thing about depositing with Paysafecard is that it provides you with a sure-fire way of controlling how much you spend gambling and as a result, encourages responsible gambling.

That voucher amount is your deposit limit, so there is no way of depositing more money without using another payment method or buying another Paysafecard voucher. Basically, it curbs easy depositing. This is one aspect of Paysafecard which we are particularly fond of.

Of course, for the big spenders among you, Paysafecard won’t be a suitable option. Those who prefer to deposit large amounts will be restricted with Paysafecard and will be better served using another payment method which permits larger and less restrictive spending.

Essentially, Paysafecard vouchers are a great option for the type of gambler who likes to deposit small amounts and control their gambling. In fact, it’s one of the very best payment methods for these purposes.

If you are keen to use Paysafecard you will be pleased to know that Paysafecard casinos are abundant. The quickest way to establish whether a casino is a Paysafecard outfit is to scroll to the bottom of any page on the casino and see if you can spot the Paysafecard logo. If you can, this casino accepts Paysafecard payments.

Paysafecard Casinos Safety

We also just wanted to touch base upon the safety of Paysafecard casinos. Needless to say, all of your private information will be encrypted through their online services, so no financially or personally sensitive information will ever fall into the hands of third parties. They do this via the SSL certification and encryption software.

If you’re ever unhappy as to how Paysafecard casino deposits are working out for you, you can also safely and securely cancel your account. This would prevent any and all further communication between you and Paysafecard as your payment provider, erasing all of the personal data they might have retrieved from you too.

So, using Paysafecard at casinos not only is safe and the security is verified by external parties, but it’s also a no strings attached method. If you want to call it quits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t and the process is easy. Rest assured, you won’t be tangled in a long and complicated process if you decide to switch casino payment methods!

So, with this information fresh in your mind, has your decision been made?