PayPal Casinos 2020 – Fast & Secure Online Gambling in UK

PayPal LogoPayPal is an electronic payment system with a long history in online shopping transactions. It’s is one of the most trusted and widely used electronic payment systems in the world and is utilised in a number of different fields and sectors.

In this article, we take a look at PayPal’s use in online gambling, namely online casinos. We explain why using PayPal for online casino transactions is a great choice and provide all the information you need to know about casinos that allow Paypal.

The Benefits Of Using PayPal

PayPal is a hugely reputable brand and is one of the pioneers of internet payment systems. You can be sure that any transaction you make with PayPal will be embedded with the tightest security, meaning that you really do not need to worry about the safety of your PayPal casino transactions.

Also, is there really an easier way of depositing? All that is required is a simple log-in to your PayPal user account, and confirmation of the transaction to complete the payment. That’s really as simple as it gets.

Some reasons why you should consider using PayPal for your gambling transactions:

  • Immediate withdrawals. Withdrawing to a bank account often takes at least 24 hours to process
  • The tightest possible security embedded into all payments and withdrawals
  • Quick depositing. Log-in to your Paypal user account and confirm the transaction for a speedy deposit
  • The online casino will not have access to your card details
  • No hidden fees in online casino transactions. Transaction fees may incur when using other electronic payment system and standard card payments
  • PayPal payments come with buyer’s protection. So, should anything go wrong with your transaction, PayPal will refund you

PayPal – Simple Casino Payments

PayPal Casino ChipPayPal is a very convenient method of payment to use not only at online casinos, but in internet shopping more generally. When you register for a PayPal user account, you will be asked for the card or bank details of the account you wish to use with your PayPal transactions.

This information is stored in your account, meaning you don’t need to tediously enter your card details with every transaction you make; we all know how frustrating that can be.

When you opt for the PayPal payment option, all you need to do is log-in to your account and confirm the transaction. What this means is that you can get down to business extremely quickly. Of course, using PayPal also means that your card details will not be stored on the database of the online casino you’re playing at.

There are a number of electronic payment systems used in online gambling nowadays. If you are considering using an electronic payment system for your casino transactions, it can be difficult to ascertain which one to choose.

One of the great benefits of using PayPal is that you will never incur hidden fees with PayPal casino transactions, and that certainly differentiates it from some of the other systems on the market. Learning that your transaction incurred a sneaky little fee is not a great discovery. With PayPal, you will have no such worries.

It is easy to keep on top of your casino spending when using PayPal too. When you log-in to your account all your transactions can easily be seen, giving you a clear indication of how much you are spending. Responsible gambling is something we fully encourage.

How Do I Sign Up To Use PayPal At Casinos?

Needless to say, if you already have an account at PayPal, you can use it at your casino of choice immediately by selecting PayPal as your payment method and logging-in with your PayPal details. For those of you who don’t have an account at PayPal, read-on to find out how to get one.

So, if you are keen on utilising the wonderful internet payment service which is PayPal, you will probably be wondering how to create an account. Well, it’s all very simple and requires registering on the official PayPal website.

The registration process is actually very similar to registering at a casino, requiring some basic information and details to confirm who you are. It can all be completed in no time at all!

Here is the full process of signing up at PayPal:

  1. Head to
  2. Click ‘Sign-Up’ in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the ‘Personal Account’ option
  4. Fill-in your country of residence and full name. Next, enter the email address you would like to register with your PayPal account and choose a password
  5. Enter your full address, mobile number and date of birth
  6. Tick to accept the terms and conditions
  7. Click ‘Get Started’
  8. Enter the card details you wish to use with your PayPal account

That’s all it takes to be get up and running as a PayPal user. The PayPal site itself is extremely efficient and navigating around the site is effortless. The ‘Summary’ page shows you the most useful information including the cards associated with your account, your PayPal balance and your most recent transactions, both incoming and outgoing.

With the registration completed, you are all set to use PayPal at your chosen casino. How do I find online casinos that accept Paypal, you may ask? All will be revealed in the next section.

How Do I Find Casinos Accepting PayPal?

PayPal Slot CharactersPayPal is one of the most ubiquitous payment methods in online gambling. Most casinos worth your time and money will offer PayPal as a payment method. In fact, a casino which offers PayPal as a payment method immediately gives the impression of a credible, trustworthy and reliable casino.

These casinos are not hard to come by and you can essentially be a bit picky in the casino you choose. After all, we all want to be playing at a casino that fits our needs.

A good way to source a casino accepting Paypal is to simply search for a casino on whichever search engine you use. This will bring up a lot of results, and you can get an idea of the most popular casinos by having a good browse around.

What To Look For In A PayPal Casino?

Unfortunately, there will be casinos out there who offer PayPal as a payment method but aren’t the most reliable casinos in and of themselves. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when mulling over which PayPal casino to use:

  • Does this casino have a gambling licence? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. If a casino doesn’t have a relevant gambling licence for your country of residence, run a mile
  • Does this casino have games from reputable developers? If the casino catalogue includes games from the likes of Playtech, Netent, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, chances are you’re browsing through a legitimate casino
  • Is this casino designed in a clear manner? If the casino looks disorganised, muddled and messy, these are warning signs of an unprofessional casino
  • Are the support options easy to locate? If it’s difficult (or impossible) to locate the support options, this is a red flag. Equally, if the support on offer is vague it would be a good idea to try to speak to somebody at the casino before registering
  • Does the casino have more than a couple of possible payment methods? Generally, it is a good sign if there are several possible payment methods
  • Does the casino have good reviews? Obviously, if you have come across a number of horror stories when searching for reviews of this particular casino, we would strongly advise you to avoid it

Animated Check ListThe last thing we would want is for you to deposit your money at an unscrupulous casino. We strongly advise you to ask yourself the questions above before depositing at any PayPal casino.

If you have got positive answers to all these questions, then you are almost certainly dealing with a reputable PayPal casino!

If you are wondering whether a casino you currently play at offers PayPal as a payment method, it is usually pretty straightforward to establish whether it does or not.

At most casinos, if you scroll down to the very bottom of any page at the casino you will see a number of logos displayed. Most of these relate to the payment methods accepted at the casino, and if that PayPal logo is there, you’re in business.

Alternatively, you could speak to somebody at the casino or have a look at the FAQ to ascertain whether the casino accepts PayPal as a payment method.

It is quite rare for a reputable casino to not accept some form of e-wallet payment, even if the electronic payment method accepted is one such as Skrill, Trustly or Neteller rather than PayPal. Still, we are confident in saying that the vast majority of quality casinos will accept PayPal as a payment method.

Is PayPal Secure and Safe?

Security and safety is paramount when it comes to conducting all your casino transactions. Different payment methods afford different levels of security and safety. With PayPal, rest assured that your transactions will be embedded with the highest levels of security.

What’s more, when using PayPal at casinos you will bypass entering your card details at the casino and will instead log-in using PayPal’s security skin. This means you do not need to reveal your card details to the casino, and the transaction will process through PayPal’s security system rather than through the casino itself.

And, as we mentioned, the PayPal buyer’s protection provides you with peace of mind should anything go wrong with your transaction. If you suspect any fraudulent activity you can get in touch with PayPal’s excellent customer service team who should refund you the money.

Depositing With PayPal

Different Payment MethodsSo, once you have selected your PayPal casino, the next question is how I deposit with PayPal. Well, it is incredibly simple. Once you have selected the deposit option, you will be prompted to choose how much you wish to deposit.

There should be an option within the page you are on to use PayPal for the transaction. If it isn’t immediately apparent, just have a little browse around to find that PayPal logo.

Once you have found the PayPal option, simply log-in to your PayPal with the email address and password associated with your PayPal account. You will be asked to confirm the transaction and bam, that’s it. There is no need to enter your card details or any other information. It is one of, if not the quickest, casino payment methods.

One thing to be keenly aware of are the rules and regulations at casinos regarding e-wallet payments. For example, many casinos will not accept PayPal as a deposit method with their bonuses and promotions, particularly welcome bonuses.

Frustratingly, this is a common theme at casinos, so it definitely pays to read the small print of any casino bonus or promotion to see if PayPal payments are accepted to go towards meeting the requirements of receiving the bonus.

PayPal History

PayPal was formed in 1998 and was originally known as Confinity before re-branding as PayPal in 2001, all rights reserved. The company grew significantly after the re-branding and in July 2002, the auction site, Ebay, acquired PayPal.

PayPal continued to function as an arm of Ebay for the next thirteen years, and PayPal’s popularity rose as internet shopping exploded. In 2015, Ebay split off from PayPal making the e-wallet an independent company once more. PayPal remains one of the most trusted and reliable electronic payment systems, with over 70 million account holders worldwide.