Giropay Casinos UK 2020 – Guide: Using the Deposit Method Online


Giropay is a German payment system that allows you to make transactions similar to online bank transfers.

It was launched in 2006 by Postbank, a German savings bank. Currently, they’re not very popular at an international level because they are only available for German and Austrian players. But they’re extremely popular in Germany: they’re the the second most-used online payment method there!

The way Giropay works is that if an online merchant offers Giropay as a payment option, the user will be able to make a direct bank transfer by selecting Giropay.

What Are The Advantages of Giropay?

This system benefits both merchant and user alike. Giropay is extremely secure and allows you to not have to display bank details to complete bank transfers online.

Thanks to that, using Giropay is a bit like using a simplified bank transfer option.

Playing at Giropay Casinos: How-To Guide

You might be wondering how Giropay casinos are any different from casinos that accept regular bank transfers.

Well, as we mentioned above, the one main advantage of using Giropay is that your transfers will remain anonymous.

So how do you deposit money with Giropay at your chosen online casino? Here are the steps:

  • Sign up to your account
  • Select Giropay as your payment option
  • To deposit money, you’ll be redirected to your bank’s secure log-in page
  • Verify the payment information, then enter PIN and account number
  • Your money will be transferred from your bank account to your casino account

Thanks to this redirection to your bank’s log-in page, you will not be entering your account details on the casino site itself.

To withdraw, it’s approximately the same steps:

  • Transfer your bonus money into your regular casino account
  • Select Giropay as your withdrawal option
  • Once redirected to your bank’s log-in page, enter your details
  • Your money will be instantly transferred to your bank account

You should be aware, however, that your bank will charge you for every Giropay transaction.

These charges will be different for every bank, but they’re usually between 0.9% and 1.2%. Add to that a flat €0.08 transaction fee.