Bank Transfer Casinos 2024 – Use Direct Wire Transfer on UK Sites

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Usually, depositing money at a casino using a bank transfer can be a long process. Sometimes it can take up to several days for your money to appear.

A fast bank transfer refers to a type of transfer that allows you to deposit money on your casino account in less than the usual “2 to 3 business days”, hence Fast Bank casinos.

But… is it really that much faster?

Let’s have a look at what it means to choose the “Fast Bank Transfer” as your banking tool.

What are the Advantages of the Fast Bank Transfer?

The Fast Bank Transfer is basically a bank transfer that is “sometimes faster” according to each casino that offers it. So, there isn’t really that big of a difference with actual bank transfers.

At least, not a consistent difference. Sure, your deposit might appear in just a few hours at some casinos. But at other casinos that offer the fast bank transfer, your money might still take up to a day to appear.

If you’re looking for a speedy banking tool but don’t want to sign up to e-wallets or the like, then you could eventually see if your casino offers this option.

But really, it takes five minutes to set up an e-wallet account. And it’ll take seconds to deposit into your casino account with one.

Playing at Fast Bank Transfer Casinos: How-To Guide

First of all, you’ll have to make sure your bank is supported by the fast bank transfer method. If it’s not, then you’ll have to set up an account at a relevant bank. (Which sounds like a lot of effort for not much gain.)

Here are the steps to follow if you really want to use this method:

  • Sign up to your chosen casino
  • Choose the Fast Bank Transfer as your preferred banking method
  • Specify how much you want to deposit, and follow the prompts

We think the safest way to go is to ask the casino first, either through their live chat or email, how long the Fast Bank Transfer will take. So you know if it’s worth it.