Amex Casinos 2020 – Deposits and Withdrawals with American Express

amex casinosAmex casinos are the casinos that accept American Express credit cards. Using them, you can deposit and withdraw with your Amex card without a fuss.

However, it isn’t the most popular banking method for gambling online. So, other bank cards remain a better choice as Amex casinos are less frequent.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you should get another card if you prefer the Amex credit card. Even if you’re outside of the US, Amex could pass as your main or even only pick for online casino payments.

Should You Choose Amex Casinos?

Amex users can gamble almost all over the world without setting up new payment methods. Paradoxically, Americans might find very few Amex casinos due to certain regulations in the country. Yet even they have a few options.

So, assuming you have an Amex credit card and want to use it, how does Amex perform?

Pros of Amex Casino Banking

  • No need to register for new payment methods – use your card right away
  • Many casinos allow to deposit and withdraw, eliminating the need for other payment services
  • The credit card allows depositing without having the actual funds at the moment

Cons of Amex Banking

  • Not as secure as e-wallets because only casino site encryption protects your information
  • Casino fees on Amex payments are possible, though not always there
  • Not as vast casino site selection as Visa or MasterCard users can enjoy

So, Amex is a good payment option if you already use the card. If not, it’s much less attractive.

Deposit with American Express

To make a deposit using Amex you just need to follow the usual procedure. First, log in to your account and navigate to the cashier page of the casino.

Then, select Amex, which should be listed among the payment methods. If not, just choose the credit card option and you should be able to continue from there.

Finally, enter your American Express card number and other necessary details. The amount you enter to deposit should transfer to your casino balance in moments.

So, using Amex is as fast and easy as it can get.