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Mobile casino games. They're enjoyed by a wide range of people from all across the world. To the uninitiated, however, they seem risky. What if it's all a scam? How can you tell the difference between the "real" ones and the ones designed to take all your money?

The answer: very carefully.

While most mobile casino games are legitimate, there are signs to look out for that tell you if its a con. That's more to do with the casino than the game, but they are red flags you should be aware of nevertheless. Let's take a look at the most common signs your mobile casino's a scam.

Mobile Casino Games: Most Common Red Flags

While we cannot guarantee these red flags will appear 100% of the time, they are the most common issues found with illegitimate mobile casino games and the operators behind them.

Here's what you should look out for:

Unfair Business Practices: This should go without saying, but if an illegal (also known as "rogue") mobile casino makes an outrageous offer and doesn't live up to it, then this should be a huge warning sign.

Lengthy Withdrawal Times: If it's taking your rogue casino two months to give you your money, then we shouldn't have to tell you that you have a problem.

Enormous Wagering Requirements: Do not, we repeat, do NOT wager any money on a mobile casino game that asks you to wager 100x your money away in order to withdraw your bonus funds. It should never be more than 60x.

Bad Customer Service: Again, another given, but if your mobile casino game eats your money inexplicably and the casino doesn't do a thing about it, you know you're in the presence of a rogue casino.

Poor/No Licensing: A casino that does not have a license to trade is an illegal one. Check to see if the site has been verified by the UKGC or any other kind of gaming authority before you join.

Unexpected Account Closures: If somebody else complains that their casino shut down their account without notice, then we encourage you to look into it further or, at the very least, avoid the casino full stop.

Mobile Casino Games: Solutions

Unfortunately, you cannot know if they indulge in these practices until it's too late. What would be best to do is take the following steps before plying their mobile casino games:

Check the T&Cs: Yes, we know it's tedious, but the small print is where all the legal stuff is. If you diligently read (not scan!) the Terms and Conditions of every offer, you're less likely to get scammed.

Read Online Reviews: While less reliable, reading reviews online can be extremely useful. If the reception of any mobile casino game is overwhelmingly negative, you can be best assured it's best avoided.

Inspect the Whole Site: Before you even consider making an account, you must check the entire website in case you spot something fishy. Here are some things to check first:

1. License

2. Banking

3. T&Cs, especially wagering requirements

4. Customer Service

Have you ever been scammed by a rogue casino? Do you have any solutions on how best to avoid them? Comment below to let us know!