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There is nothing like a good old game of Blackjack. To the delight of masses of people all over the world, no longer is there a need to actually head over to a brick-and-mortar casino for a quick Blackjack fix. Players now have the chance to take their games up to a whole new virtual level with online Blackjack.

It may sound like it is the next best thing, but finding a site which can deliver a fantastic game is not always an easy task. Sifting through the hundreds of sites can be confusing, intimidating and even disappointing if not done correctly.

For starters, one of the main issues with online Blackjack UK is security and let us assure you that playing Blackjack online is extremely safe. Most sites are SSL encrypted which basically keeps your data and privacy under lock and key.

Not only that, playing Blackjack online can be super exciting. This is because there are dozens of different Blackjack variations to thrill anyone from the newbies right up to the seasoned veteran players.

A great blackjack site will offer you the three important things everyone needs – good security with awesome game variations and bonuses to keep you coming back for more. This article will guide you on choosing the best site for your next Blackjack gaming session and how to have a fruitful game.

Blackjack Strategy

When it comes to playing Backjack online, there are two options to consider. There is the regular Blackjack online and then there is the Live Dealer Blackjack.

The Live Dealer Blackjack games are run via live High Definition video streaming and feature real life professional dealers. Any gaming experience will not get more immersive than this – and the best part is, it feels as if you are in an actual casino.

Now as far as the variations go, some of the popular online Blackjack UK variations are Perfect Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Pontoon, Progressive Blackjack, 21 Duel Blackjack, American Blackjack and Multiplayer Blackjack among others. But here is where we shall discuss strategy.

A great game of Blackjack depends on knowing the rules of the game. Having a good grasp of the basics can go a long way. All you have to do basically in Blackjack is get as close to 21 as you can. If you go over 21, you lose but if you are closer to 21 than your dealer, you win! All this is done virtually with just a few simple clicks.

The next best step is to make sure you master some essential tactics. Identify the side bets which will profit you in the long run. Get a hold of the house edge to understand which of your options increase or decrease it.

It is also essential to keep a close watch on the payouts as some casinos pay even money instead of 3 to 2. Last, but not least, practice makes perfect. So persevere at it and watch the dough keep rolling in over time.

Where to Play Online Blackjack in the UK

William Hill Casino

As we all know, location is always the key. In the virtual world, it is all about finding the right site. While there are multitudes of great sites out there, the one that we highly recommend is none other than William Hill. This online casino is one of the best sites in the world and a chart-topper in the UK.

Licensed by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association and certified by TST Labs and Gamcare for top quality, William Hill Casino never disappoints. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, you can expect some of the best variations of Blackjack in the UK with a wonderful welcome bonus of up to £150.

Betfair Casino

There are also other sites that you could try besides William Hill. Betfair is one great option as it has all the features of a great site plus a seamless interface that makes it oh-so-easy to find your favourite games.

Betfair offers loads of Blackjack variations to thrill any player of any level. Plus Betfairs’ mobile casino brings splendid Blackjack right into the palm of your hands as flawlessly as possible. Here, players are also offered a mouthwatering welcome bonus of a whopping £600. If that does not sweeten the deal we do not know what else does.

Mansion Casino

If you are looking for a great site that has the biggest welcome bonus alongside the best features in the industry, try out Mansion Casino. This elegant and swanky site is reminiscent of a classy gentleman’s club. Upon sign up, you stand a chance of getting up to £500! That is more than enough to get the ball rolling if you ask us.

Expect to have your mind blown with Mansion Casino. With a collection of Blackjack variations curated and sourced from the very best software developers in the industry, you are up for a blast of a time. If finances happen to be your concern, worry not – at Mansion, there are promotions that run all day, every day.

Playing Online Blackjack UK on Mobile

Now that everything is shifting to newer and more compact technology, it comes as no surprise that casinos are now migrating to mobile platforms.

The instant play platform utilized on most premium gambling websites ensures that you can pick up where you left off anytime you log in.

Whether you log in on your mobile or desktop or tablet, the experience is as seamless as can be and you get to play on the go. Moreover, most games that are online, can also be accessed via mobile.

You can also use different methods of deposit via your mobile phone. Instead of having to scramble for funds, all you need to do is use your mobile provider to make a deposit and it will be charged to your monthly bill.

It really is that simple. Most reputable mobile casinos are also available in both Android and iOS compatible systems, so anyone can play anytime!