Spin Lotto

Gamevy’s Spin Lotto is certainly an original and creative game. This slot certainly has elements of an instant win lottery game, as well as those of a video slot. Initially, it just looks like the former, but once you click on the start button, you will see that it is indeed a slot. The basic idea is that players will select their own lottery numbers, and then a series of lottery numbers will be drawn across the reels of the game. The more of those numbers you match across the paylines, the more money you will win. It is pretty simple, but original stuff.


Players can use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the value of the balls on the screen, to that they can pick a total of 5 standard lotto balls. They will also be able to pick 1 bonus ball (appearing as a golden star) in this game. Standard lotto balls range from 1 to 49 in total, whilst bonus balls are numbered from 1 to 15. The large number of bonus balls available makes it quite difficult to land big wins with this instant lotto game.

Should you not wish to pick your own lottery balls, you can opt to have them randomly selected for you. By clicking on the “quick pick” button, you can have a random ticket decided. There are 5 reels and 10 lines in this slot (all of which can be adjusted), so bets range from a low of 10p per line per spin, but you can wager as much as £20 a go on this original game.

There is a Star Booster feature (which multiplies your total win), so it is possible to bag wins worth as much as 20x the standard rate, but you will be paying 5x the total stake for doing so. Maximum bets are truly pegged at £100 a go on this slot, then.


All five of your winning numbers count when they appear on the reels (even if they appear several times). A repeat number is still a winning in this game. Players will win anything from 5x (for one number and one lucky number on a payline), to 1,000x your total bet for 5 winning numbers on a line.


This is an entertaining and original slot, although with so many other numbers present on the reels, your odds of success aren’t exactly as high as you will find in other slot games.