Speed Roulette Live Casino Game

About Speed Roulette Live

Streamed live out of Latvia, Evolution Gaming’s Speed Roulette Live is, naturally, a live dealer casino game, and one which is based on roulette. This roulette variant is mobile-friendly and features a superb camera located directly above the wheel. The game is famed for its speedy gameplay, which gives players just 25 seconds to place bets in-between spins of the roulette wheel. However, players are entitled to make their bets for the next round of the game whilst the wheel is already spinning from the previous bet. In this manner, players can squeeze a few extra seconds of betting time out of an already congested schedule.

Placing bets

The interface and wagering range in Speed Roulette Live are certainly easy to handle. Evolution Gaming has chosen to go with their standard wagering range, which sees table limits range from £1 per spin, up to £5,000 per spin in total. That should suffice most players (unless they prefer to play with really small or really extravagant bets), but ultimately, it is the really short wagering time which is going to decide whether or not Speed Roulette Live is for you or not.


The game itself is based on European roulette, which means that all your standard roulette bets (inside and outside bets) are in play. There is no La Partage or En Prison rule in action in Speed Roulette Live, and the most a player can win is 35:1 for a successful straight-up bet. Given that you are short for time when betting, it is typically a good idea to place the same bets in succession on this roulette game, even if they don’t necessarily deliver the largest winnings.


There’s no point in trying to delay the hosts and hostesses of this game. They’ve been trained to ignore players who complain about being in the middle of making a bet. This game is not for the faint-hearted, and you really do need to be something of a seasoned roulette player if you’re going to get much change out of this roulette variant’s gameplay style.