Roulette is the default live dealer roulette game from Extreme Live Gaming. This particular game is presented in full-screen format and features a live video stream from London. The game is based on European roulette and offers you a basic but enjoyable game of roulette, featuring a real to life human dealer, whom you can interact with as place bets on the digitalised betting board. Roulette doesn’t do anything that other live roulette games can’t offer, but if you’re playing in a live dealer suite catered for by Extreme Live Gaming, you might as well give this roulette game a run for its money.

Placing bets

The types of bets you can play in roulette vary, depending on the size of the chips you stake. Chips typically range from £1 up to £100 in these roulette games, although there are a few variants which offer alternative chip sizes, and table limits. As a general rule of thumb, Extreme Live Gaming’s roulette game offers wagers which range from £1 per spin, up to £1,000 per game. Again, these may vary depending on the variant you are playing, and where you happen to be playing it.


It doesn’t really take a roulette pro to learn the pay-outs in ELG’s roulette game. The pay-rates are the same in this roulette game as seemingly every other European roulette game on the net. Players can pocket wins ranging from 1:1 up to 2:1 for outside bets, whilst inside bets such as corners and trios, splits and straight-up bets are worth pay-outs of 8:1, 11:1, 17:1, and 35:1, respectively. There is nothing remotely out of place with the amount you can win with these European roulette bets.


At the end of the day, Extreme Live Gaming’s Roulette is a very elementary live dealer casino game, ideally suited to those players who enjoy the beige roulette gaming experience, or who are new to the world of roulette casino gaming. Players who have finer tastes, like rule variants, additional side-bets and more, may be better suited to look at some of this developer’s other, more complex roulette variants.