Ra Roulette

Ra Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming is a roulette game online with a slot in one. It’s also based on the Ancient Egypt theme, resulting in an unusual gameplay and setting.

Most online casino roulette games are set in the classic casino environment. However, Ra Roulette is set in an Egyptian temple and the design reinforces this feeling.

What’s more, this game has more features than the classic roulette. So, you should try it out even if you aren’t a fan of Egyptian games.

In short, Ra Roulette is:

  • A live dealer roulette
  • Based on European Roulette
  • Bet Limits: 50p to £7,500
  • Max Win: 80:1
  • Features: Slot Side Bets

Read below for more details about the unique features of this slot-themed roulette game.

Ra Roulette Table Gameplay

In essence, this table is a European Roulette game with a different design. Yet, on top of the usual European roulette gameplay, there’s something more.

You can place all the inside, outside and racetrack bets as usual. Plus, there are special side bets too. These side bets are precisely what makes Ra Roulette different from other casino games.

Ra Roulette Side Bets

As the roulette wheel spins, a single reel with seven different symbols will spin next to it. If you choose to bet on it, you’ll have to choose one of those seven symbols.

If the reel lands on your chosen symbol, you win.

The symbols are taken from the phenomenal Book of Ra slot. Unlike roulette, though, they appear at different intervals, so their payouts differ too:

  • The lowest symbols pay 1:1
  • The highest symbols pay 80:1
  • The rest are in-between

Unfortunately, you can’t play the game in demo mode as it’s a live casino table. However, you can always choose whether to place a side bet or not. So, play the game as you’d play the usual roulette for a while and see how the slot part works.

Once you’re comfortable, Ra Roulette should be both lucrative and exciting. Especially if you’re into Ancient Egypt slots!