Quick Fire Cash

Quick Fire Cash is actually four games in one. This instant win game has a wild west theme, featuring all the popular elements of the setting. This means cowboys, deserts and, of course, the gold rush.

There are several ways to win up to £10,000 in a blink of an eye on this game. So, Quick Fire Cash will take no time to pump up your adrenaline. Here are a few facts about this game:

  • 4 Mini-Games
  • Ways to Win: 13
  • Max Win: £10,000
  • RTP: 87.35%

Developed by IWG (Instant Win Games), Quick Fire Cash is an unusual break from the regular slot or table games. With a multiplier on all wins every single turn, you’ll be able to increase your bankroll quickly.

Quick Fire Cash Gameplay

At the start of your turn, you’ll have to roll one six-sided die. The number you roll shows what kind of a multiplier you’re getting for that round. In other words, you can get up to 6x multiplier every single time.

Then, it’s time to play the mini-games. You don’t have to choose a single one as each bet allows to play them all. Once done, all the winnings are accumulated and the round is over.

The Four Mini-Games

  1. Reveal four pairs of barrels to reveal their prizes. If a pair reveals the same prize, you win it.
  2. Reveal four pairs of coins with numbers. If the left number is higher than the right one, you win it.
  3. Reveal four pairs of dollar signs. If the sum of the two numbers is 10, you win the indicated prize.
  4. Reveal the money bag. If there’s a cash prize underneath, you win it.

Quick Fire Cash is a game that provides quick cash in a wild west theme. If you don’t want to struggle to win, this is the game to play.