Mega Multiplier

Mega Multiplier (full name Mega Money Multiplier) does promise something pretty big without saying much. With a name like that, who would be able to resist trying this video slot at least once?

The Basics

A very old-school game, Mega Multiplier puts together classic features and a retro-style feel to everything that has a broad appeal among mobile casino fans.  It’s certainly a good trip down memory name.

The simple casino look is what many players love about instant-play video slots. The deep red background brings to mind all that baize you find at real-life casinos. The reel itself is also pretty standard and simple to grasp. This is all you need to play a decent slot and Mega Multiplier reminds you of that.

Main Features

Mega Multiplier may not be revolutionary by any means, however, it is an example of an honest-to-god good game that doesn’t pull too many punches to grab your attention. Players will have an easy time getting to grips with it, at the very least.

You can play Mega Multiplier consists of 3 reels and 9 paylines to bet on. This elevates volatility up quite a good amount and allows you to earn quite a bit of money. You can play from as little as 15p or as many as £150 per spin. Not bad, we don’t think.

mega multiplier

In addition to this, you could earn many different multipliers which will dramatically increase your win by a substantial amount depending on what symbols you land on per spin.

There’s nothing else too complicated about the game as Mega Multipliers is simplicity itself when it comes to games.


In conclusion, we think Mega Money Multiplier is a rather intuitive game that has a broad appeal for many players who are fond of real-life casinos. It’s a basic game but a decent one regardless.